How to Flash Lenovo A369i Phone 2020

How to Flash Lenovo A369i Phone – A smartphone that is experiencing a boot loop or a system error must be flashed again to return to normal and be used again.

How to Flash Lenovo A369i PhoneLenovo A369i is one of the android smartphones that often experience boot loop.

Maybe it’s because the usage duration is long enough, so a lot of junk files are on the cellphone which then makes the cellphone slow and finally boot loop.

System errors or boot loops often occur suddenly and cannot be planned.

But before boot loop, usually, there will be some signs on the Lenovo A369i that you are using.

For example, the performance of HP has begun to slow, easy to heat, open applications often out by themselves, like to roar, suddenly restart itself. If you have experienced problems like this there is definitely a system problem or error.

The best solution is to flash the Lenovo A369i which is experiencing problems or system errors.

Not only that, flashing Lenovo A369i can also fix some of the damage like the following:

  • Forgotten password pattern
  • affected by a virus
  • The touch screen is less sensitive
  • Restarts often often
  • Slow
  • Stuck in the logo when turned on / Bootloop
  • Unfortunately, the application has stopped
  • The UI system is not responding
  • Unfortunately, messages have stopped
  • Totally dead

After you have successfully flashed the Lenovo A369i which is experiencing system problems as mentioned above, it will return to normal again. Approximately the same conditions when you first buy it.

How to Flash a Lenovo A369i on Windows 10

Before flashing, you should first prepare some of the following equipment and files needed:

Equipment and materials:

Lenovo A369i Firmware Collection
Lenovo A369i_ROW_S108
Lenovo A369i U 72V2 A25

To avoid failures, use the firmware that is compatible with the Lenovo A369i ROW that you are using.

How to Flash Lenovo A369i with SP Flashtool

  1. Extract all files that you have downloaded, just put them in one folder so that it’s easy when searching for files
  2. Install USB VCOM Drivers on PC / laptop
  3. Open and run the Flashtool SP
  4. Once open, click on the scatter-loading option
  5. Then find the file “MT6572_Android_scatter” in the extracted Lenovo A369i firmware folder, then click OpenHow to Flash Lenovo A369i with SP Flashtool
  6. After that, uncheck the Preloader section. If it already just clicks Download
  7. Turn off Lenovo A369i by unplugging the battery then set aside a few moments and then attach it again, but don’t turn it on yet
  8. Next, connect the Lenovo cellphone in the off state and the battery installed to the PC / Laptop with a USB cable
  9. If your Lenovo A369i has been read, then the flashing process on the flash tool will run
  10. Just wait until the flashing process is complete. If it is finished and successful then the Flashtool notification will appear as shown below
How to Flash Lenovo A369i with SP Flashtool

If the Lenovo A369i Flash Fails

If the Lenovo A369i flash fails, try doing the following:

  • Unplug your cellphone from the laptop then repeat the steps above in order.
  • But in this second stage try to let all options be checked including Preloader
  • If all is checked, please click Firmware -> Upgrade (not the Download button)
  • After the Flashtool process has stopped, just connect your Lenovo cellphone to a non-dead battery
If the Lenovo A369i Flash Fails
  • If successful, then you will get a notification like the one in the picture above
  • Then disconnect the USB cable, reinstall your Lenovo A369i battery then turn it on.
  • The process of booting after a flash reset usually takes a little while to enter the home screen and can be used normally again. So just be patient waiting for him

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That’s all about How to Flash a Lenovo A369i. I hope it can help repair your smartphone that is experiencing a boot loop or other system damage.

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