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THE okla, owner of Speedtest, released worldwide data on broadband internet access for the second quarter of 2021. For the first time, Brazil surpassed the 100 Mb/s download average, while mobile internet has a speed of 32.7 Mb /s. Check which operators had the best result.

Brazil exceeds 100 Mb/s in average broadband speed (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

Brazil rose two positions and conquered 46th place in the global fixed internet ranking, ahead of countries like Malaysia, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia and Argentina. The nation with the best ranking is Monaco, with an average of 260.7 Mb/s, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong. The location with the lowest speed is Turkmenistan, which averages 4.49 Mb/s.

When it comes to mobile internet (4G), the situation is less favorable: Brazil occupies 76th place, with an average speed of 32.7 Mb/s and behind nations like the Philippines, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Vivo has faster fixed internet, followed by Oi and Claro

To measure the quality of the connection, Ookla created a metric called the Speed ​​Score: 90% of the indicator results are attributed to download speed while the remaining 10% refer to upload.

View the second quarter ranking results. The higher the score, the better the internet connection:

Position Operator Punctuation
1st place Alive 93.23
2nd place Hey 78.97
3rd place Of course 75.88

Hi, there is worse ping on fixed broadband

When it comes to latency, the scenario is less favorable for Oi: the operator had a higher average ping than its competitors. The longer the response time, the worse the result:

Position Operator medium ping
1st place Alive 14 ms
2nd place Of course 19 ms
3rd place Hey 21 ms

Of course there is greater consistency in broadband

Another indicator adopted by Ookla is the Consistency Score, which represents the percentage of tests that achieve a minimum download speed of 25 Mb/s and 3 Mb/s upload.

In this parameter, Claro obtained the best result. Look:

Position Operator Consistency
1st place Of course 77.4%
2nd place Alive 76.5%
3rd place Hey 72.6%

It is easy to understand why Claro reached the first place in consistency: the operator is able to provide residential connections of up to 500 Mb/s through coaxial cable, and this is the same technology applied to 94% of its accesses.

On the other hand, Vivo and Oi still have many clients restricted to the old xDSL technology, which have speeds below 25 Mb/s due to the distance between the client’s home and the company’s central. To deliver higher speeds, these teles are investing in the expansion of optical fiber, which has not yet reached all the locations currently served by the copper network.

Goiânia is the capital with the highest fixed internet speed

Ookla also released the 10 Brazilian capitals with the highest speeds. Goiânia has the highest average download and upload speed, while São Paulo (SP) only appears in 7th place:

Position City download speed upload speed Latency
1st Goiania 130.15 Mb/s 76.98 Mb/s 12 ms
2nd Brasilia 115.66 Mb/s 45.58 Mb/s 15 ms
3rd Belo Horizonte 108.18 Mb/s 42.73 Mb/s 15 ms
4th Manaus 105.44 Mb/s 48.17 Mb/s 18 ms
5th Curitiba 105.37 Mb/s 51.25 Mb/s 12 ms
6th strength 105.14 Mb/s 66.66 Mb/s 9 ms
7th Sao Paulo 104.29 Mb/s 53.22 Mb/s 13 ms
8th Rio de Janeiro 94.88 Mb/s 36.47 Mb/s 14 ms
9th savior 89.7 Mb/s 48.53 Mb/s 12 ms
10th Recife 86.66 Mb/s 52.07 Mb/s 11 ms

The average speed contracted by large operators

Anatel has broadband speed record of the largest operators in Brazil, but the most recent data are from December 2020. See:

Operator Average speed contracted
TIM 128.01 Mb/s
algar 100.43 Mb/s
Of course 97.64 Mb/s
Hey 97.35 Mb/s
Alive 67.02 Mb/s

With information: Ookla

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