Five new games are coming including the 2016 remake of Doom

Five new titles are coming to Stadia. Among them is the remake of Doom dating from 2016. After the original version and Eternal, the last installment in the series, three license games are offered on Google’s streaming game service. The other four are PGA Tour 2K21, Spiritfarer, Rock of Ages 3 and SuperHot: Mind Control Delete.

Even if the critical and commercial success of Stadia is not up to Google’s ambitions, the firm does not deserve and continues to enrich its service, increase initiatives and, above all, strengthen its video game offering. It must be said that the most direct competition will certainly be xCloud, which is scheduled to launch in less than a month. It is therefore important to prepare for it properly.

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Google announces this week that five new games are arriving in its catalog. The first one arrived last Friday. And the last will arrive in a few days. The most important on the list (be careful, this is totally subjective) is clearly Doom (2016). This is the remake of the original game released in 2016. Developed by ID Software and published by Bethesda, Doom (2016) is a brutal and energetic FPS, fed on demon hemoglobin and rock metal. It will cleverly be added to the two other license games already on Stadia: Doom original version and Doom Eternal. And it will be on sale for $ 20.

Independent games with a unique atmosphere

Doom (2016) is accompanied by four to the games. The first one, available since last weekend, is Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break. This is the third iteration of the Rock of Ages series where you take control of a stone sphere that destroys everything in its path. This opus is enriched with new game modes, including a level editor to create new courses that can then be shared. It is offered free of charge to Stadia Pro subscribers.

The third game, available now, is Superhot: Mind Control Delete. This is the sequel to Superhot, the FPS with such an original design and gameplay so different from other FPS. It sells for $ 15 to Stadia Pro subscribers, and $ 17.5 to other Stadia players. It will also be offered to anyone who purchased Superhot before August 18.

The third game to be released this week is Spiritfarer. Newly released on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, Spiritfarer is a magnificent indie game, created by the Canadian studio Thunder lotus games. You follow the adventures of Stella, the conductor of a spirit boat. Equipped with vibrant and energetic gameplay, you must travel the world, collect spirits, heal them, fulfill their wishes and accompany them until the moment they leave for the afterlife. A very poetic game. A real metaphor for life and learning about death. Its price has not yet been released.

Baldur’s Gate 3 playable on Stadia from September 30

The last game is PGA Tour 2K21. It’s hard not to know PGA Tour, THE premier golf simulation series (which is also the name of the most famous golf championship organizer in the United States). Previously supported by EA Sports, it is now part of the catalog of 2K Games. PGA Tour 2K21 is the latest iteration in the series with a massive career mode and plenty of ultra-realistic courses. Its price lives up to its reputation: 60 dollars.

Finally, note that Google announces the early access of Baldur’s Gate 3, game developed by Larian Studios eagerly awaited by fans of the license, will be opened on September 30 next. Stadia will therefore be one of the platforms that will be able to offer access to the public beta of one of the RPGs at the end of the year. It remains to be seen whether this access will be restricted to Stadia Pro players and whether it will be necessary to purchase the game to participate. Answers in the coming weeks.

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