FitTrack, a scale and a connected watch to know everything about your body

While some are anxiously awaiting the reopening of the gyms, many have decided to stay in shape even at home! Unfortunately keeping up the pace and motivation can be hard when you’re all alone in your corner. No worries about it, FitTrack will become your best friend.

When most scales on the market just show your weight, FitTrack takes it one step further and offers a tool that truly reflects what’s going on in your body. In fact, on the last connected scale from FitTrack, Dara, you will have access, not to one or two pieces of information, but to 17 indicators about your body and your health. In fact, with FitTrack you can constantly keep an eye on what is going on in your body and use this information to improve your daily routine. Among other things, you may be interested in your BMI, your hydration level, your bone density, your basal metabolic rate, your protein level, your body age, your visceral fat level, your subcutaneous fat level. , your muscle level or your amount of protein.

The Dara scale uses the patented double impedance technology (measuring the resistance of biological tissues by sending a low-intensity, high-frequency sinusoidal current through electrodes), which allows it to be so precise on so many categories.

An application that adapts to your profile

fittrack watch app

Dara comes with its app which will be useful if you want to start a food rebalancing, start a new sports routine or simply keep up to date with your state of health. In addition, it gives access to a complete history for each of the indicators. You can follow your progress and measure your progress over the weeks and months to come. This will help you understand precisely the changes that are taking place in your body. A good way to stay motivated.

Because every body is different, the Dara scale personalizes the analysis of your health in a simple and accessible way, as if you had a coach at home. The app is very well designed and allows you to see all of your measurements at a glance and know where you are compared to the good averages. The Dara connected scale currently benefits from a reduction and costs only 74.90 euros, instead of 84.90 euros.

Dara connected scale <€ 74.90

Pack Atria Watch 2.0 + Balance Dara <€ 169.90

The Dara connected watch for even more data

In addition to a connected scale, FitTrack offers Atria 2.0, a connected watch, which like Dara, will accurately analyze several data from your daily life ranging from your sleep, your heart rate or even your body temperature. This will allow you to keep an eye on your health at any time of the day.

Atria 2.0 will enrich the data from the application also used by the scale. It continuously records your physiological data to provide you with an accurate understanding of your body.

Beyond their main functions which Atria 2.0 and Dara perform to perfection, the designs are neat, elegant and discreet in the bathroom or on your wrist. Getting started is simple and intuitive, just like the application (FitTrack Health). Already nearly 800,000 people have subscribed to FitTrack products and have integrated them into their daily lives.

By combining the Atria 2.0 connected watch and the Dara scale, your body will have no secrets for you and you will be able to closely monitor your progress. You can now benefit from a reduction on the Atria 2.0 pack + the Dara connected scale at only 169.90 euros instead of 234.90 euros.

Dara connected scale <€ 74.90

Atria 2.0 smartwatch <€ 149.90

Pack Atria Watch 2.0 + Balance Dara <€ 169.90

This publication is brought to you by FitTrack.

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