first tests, it’s like going from 56k to fiber!

The Xbox Series X is already in the hands of several American media. Rather enthusiastic, they particularly praise the reduced charging and ignition times of the new console. The Verge even compares Microsoft’s console to switching between a 56k modem and fiber! We take stock of the first tests and opinions in this press review.

The Xbox Series X will not be released on the market until November 10, 2020. Pending the global release, Microsoft has entrusted several copies of the next gen console to specialized American media. These first tests allow to get a better idea of ​​the performances, the advantages and the possible shortcomings of the new Xbox.

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A discreet and successful design

At first, the media evoke the cubic and angular design of the Xbox. Despite its imposing form factor, the console is “Blends easily with any decor in your home”, explains Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat. For his part, Ryan McCaffrey, journalist at IGN, underlines the premium aspect of the Xbox. “The Series X is very beautiful in its vertical orientation” underlines Ryan McCaffrey, nevertheless disappointed by the look of the console when lying down. For Jeff Grubb, “The Xbox Series X really needs to stand up”.

Likewise, the American testers rather appreciated the new controller, designed in line with that of the Xbox One X. “The new controller offers subtle but noticeable improvements” says Michael Higham, reporter at GameSpot. It highlights in particular the new button dedicated to sharing content, the texture of the handles making it easier to grip, and the new 8-way directional pad.

Charging times reduced by 70 to 80%

As part of these exclusive takeovers, the American media have could not test next gen games on the console. Nevertheless, the testers took a long look at load times with backward compatible titles, general performance, and Xbox Series X power-up times. “I have noticed that load times decrease in almost all of the games I have tested” notes Tom Warren, editor at The Verge.

xbox series x loading time
Credit: The Verge

The man has also produced a comparative table of loading times on the Series X compared to the Xbox One X. On some titles, we save more than a minute. “I went back briefly to an older Xbox One X during testing, and it was like going from fiber optic internet to a 56k modem” testifies the journalist. For his part, Michael Higham says that “Xbox Series X cuts load times by 70-80%”.

These reduced loading times are essentially the result of 1 TB SSD – NVME integrated into the console. “It’s a promising overall experience, similar to my PC with an NVMe SSD, which means you’ll spend less time waiting and more time playing” sums up Michael Higham.

Switch between games in just 5 seconds

Likewise, the media appreciated Quick Resume functionality. It allows you to switch between games without waiting too long and to restart a game that has been paused, even after restarting the Xbox. “Microsoft wasn’t kidding, it works!” says Ryan McCaffrey. The other testers agree. “I turned on the Xbox, then launched Grand Theft Auto IV, Sekiro, No Man’s Sky and Final Fantasy XV in less than 90 seconds” testifies Jeff Grubb.

Michael Higham ensures that 6 games in progress can be stored in the memory of the Xbox. You can therefore quickly go from one game to one of the 5 others in progress without having to restart the game. “The passage between games takes about five to eight seconds” the reporter from GameSpot says. Again, this novelty is due to the performance of the SSD. Tom Warren points out that some games are not compatible with the Quick Resume option. This is the case with Sea of ​​Thieves. To notify players when Quick Resume is available, Microsoft simply displays a small icon at the top of the interface.

A huge gain in power compared to the Xbox One X

On the general performance side, critics are once again enthusiastic. The interface is much smoother than that of the Xbox One X. “The Series X is so much more powerful than the One X” praises Jeff Grubb. To support his claims, the VentureBeat reporter tested several backward compatible games on the Xbox Series X.

xbox series x gta fps
Credit: VentureBeat

A title like Grand Theft Auto IV climbs to a rate of 60 images per second, against only 46 frames per second on the old console. Be careful, the performance gain depends a lot on the game. Some titles, like No Man’s Sky, do not increase the speed despite the hardware of the console. Most testers agree that the console is pretty quiet, even when a greedy video game is running.

Promising first reviews for the Xbox Series X

In conclusion, the first tests of the Xbox Series X are rave. “I don’t want to go back to the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. These consoles are outdated seven years after their release, just like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were after eight years” details Jeff Grubb. “The X series feels like I just switched iPhones – everything feels smoother and faster. These games aren’t even optimized for the console and they already perform much better. So I can’t wait to see what the truly optimized games will deliver in the coming weeks ” points out Tom Warren. On the IGN side, Ryan McCaffrey is well decided “Never to see his Xbox One X again”.

Obviously, Phonandroid will offer its own test of the Xbox Series X as soon as possible. In the meantime, what do you think of these first returns? Do you want to fall for the console? If so, pre-orders for the Xbox Series X, and its little sister, the Xbox Series S, are currently open. Unfortunately, victims of their success, the two consoles are out of stock at all resellers. We await your opinion on the press review in the comments below.

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