First Birthday Becomes a Mother’s Figure, Here Are 10 Togetherness Shandy Aulia and Baby – Sweet in Every Moment – The birthday celebration of beautiful artist Shandy Aulia this year feels more special. Because he has attained the status of a mother at the age of 33 years. On June 23, 2020 yesterday, Shandy Aulia received a sweet surprise from her husband on the day of his age.

Right on the night of his birthday, the husband gave a surprise klapertart with a candle on it. Not only that, Shandy Aulia also got a birthday party from David Herbowo complete with beautiful decorations.

These sweet moments are shared Shandy Aulia through his personal Instagram account. A number of congratulations from fellow celebrities to fans were seen flooding the Shandy Aulia’s Instagram account comments column.

Not to forget Shandy also thanked all colleagues and fans for all prayers for him on that birthday. He also expressed his happiness to be a mother who was long awaited Shandy and her beloved husband.

Happy to be a mother, Shandy Aulia did not want to miss the slightest moment with her baby. Starting from sports, relaxing at home, sleeping, bathing, and so on so sweet passed both of them.

Curious as to what the portrait? Let’s see some togetherness Shandy Aulia and sweet baby in every moment.

1. Special Birthday with Children

This birthday is very different and special from previous years. Yes, being a mother is a dream Shandy Aulia since married to David Herbowo in 2011 ago. Waiting for eight years to get a baby is certainly a long time and a long struggle for this celebrity couple.

The fruit of their patience paid off with the presence of a small and beautiful baby named Claire Herbowo who was born early last year. at the birthday moment Shandy Aulia revealed that the presence of Claire Herbowo was the most beautiful gift in her life.

“My first birthday as a mother. Birthday with the most beautiful gift in my life @ claireherbowolittlejoy,” Shandy Aulia wrote as in the caption @ shandyaulia.

2. Time for Baby Reading

Various activities are often spent with children, including when accompanying Claire to get to know something from a reading that is guided by Shandy Aulia. He also revealed that being a mother is not easy, but being a mother is the best of everything.

“Being a mama isn’t easy, but it’s definitely the best job anyone could ever have. (Being a mother is not easy, but obviously this is the best job anyone can do),” Shandy Aulia wrote as in the caption @shandyaulia .

3. You’re welcome

Although only 4 months old, Claire Herbowo steals quite a lot of public attention. Her cute and beautiful face often makes citizens happy. As in this portrait when Shandy Aulia poses with her baby who looks aware of the camera. You’re both beautiful, aren’t they KLovers?

4. A Warm Hug for the Child

Happiness to have a baby makes Shandy Aulia not want to miss various moments with children. Like this portrait when Shandy gave Claire a warm hug. He also revealed that when the child grows up, Shandy Aulia wants her child to spend time with her and her husband.

“Hello Claire … someday you grow up mommy praying we can still have time to cuddle like this huh. Mommy knows that one day claire will be busy, but don’t forget to have time for mommy daddy,” Shandy Aulia wrote as in the caption @shandyaulia.

5. The sweetness of playing with friends

Special moments with children can not be missed. Including for Shandy Aulia who always accompanied the baby in every moment. Starting from playing, sleeping, eating and so forth done together with the child. A happy smile always radiates from Shandy Aulia’s face when with a baby.

6. Similar

Shandy Aulia often even looks compact with a baby. like this portrait when Claire was wearing a matching color like her mom. Both smiles also look so sweet when immortalized in camera shots. A number of positive expressions for Shandy and the child seemed to flood the comments column of Shandy Aulia’s post in the photo.

7. The Compact When Accompanying Sports

Shandy Aulia did not forget to do light exercise at home like in this portrait. look at the baby seemed to accompany. Not only that even Claire seemed to follow the movements of the mother while exercising. Isn’t that cute KLovers?

8. Walks Together

Besides doing activities at home, Shandy Aulia also occasionally invites the baby to walk around the house. both sports or just enjoying the sun into activities that can be done both by taking a leisurely walk.

9. Cute and Anxious

Shandy Aulia’s beautiful daughter indeed often steals the attention with her cute and adorable face. Shandy also wants the child to say his name when he can say his first word.

“Claire … remember Claire’s first words later called Mommy, after that Daddy,” Shandy Aulia wrote as in the caption @shandyaulia.

10. Lack of Sleep for Children

Shandy Aulia revealed, her baby often woke up at night. Although sleepy and sometimes the mood often changes but fatigue seems to disappear when you see the baby. kisses and hugs are often given by Shandy to the child. So sweet, KLovers?

Now that’s 10 pictures of Shandy Aulia’s togetherness and baby, always sweet in every moment. his birthday became more special celebrated with the child. Happy birthday to Shandy Aulia.

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