Fire TV Stick x Roku Express: which dongle is better between the two?

Have one dongle is an excellent option for those who want to turn their older TV into a smart model. How productit is possible to have access to the internet and watch the main services of streaming, without the need to purchase a new television. And among the models that stand out the most are the Fire TV Stick it’s the Roku Express.

Today TecMundo brings a comparison between the two devices, presenting their advantages and disadvantages. Check out:

Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick is the dongle of the giant Amazon. It brings a small box, with HDMI input and wireless connection. Along with it is a remote control that allows you to send voice commands through Alexa, through a microphone built into the accessory. It has three versions with their respective prices:

  • Fire TV Stick Lite – R$ 269,00
  • Fire TV Stick – R$ 299,00
  • Fire TV Stick 4K – R$ 449,00

Fire TV StickSource: Amazon / Disclosure

Although they all bring the same system, and are compatible with the same streaming, the difference between the models varies depending on the picture and sound quality. Lite supports up to 1080p Full HD images, and Dolby encoded audio from the HDMI input. The most expensive model, the 4K, has 4K Ultra HD images and a Dolby Atmos sound system.


voice commands

The Fire TV Stick has an Alexa-enabled voice system. With it, in addition to triggering simple functions such as opening a particular application on the platform, it is also possible to search, find playlists and even check cameras compatible with the system, if they are configured on the same network.

Fire TV Stick has voice commands on its remoteFire TV Stick has voice commands on its remoteSource: Amazon / Disclosure

Ease of installation

Installing the device on your TV is also one of the great advantages of the Fire TV Stick. It only has a small box that must be connected through your TV’s HDMI port. The common model and 4K also come with an extender if the TV’s HDMI input is very close to a wall, for example. Once connected, the dongle system brings simple and didactic tutorials that teach you how to navigate and change system settings.


Some services from outside

Interestingly, some services streaming popular in Brazil are not present in the device system. Among them, Globoplay, which, in addition to not being available on the official Amazon TV store, does not allow the platform’s content to be played through the official website.

The device has extenders for easy connection.The device has extenders for easy connection.Source: Amazon / Disclosure

high price

Another downside is the price of the 4K model of the Fire TV Stick. In its official store, at, it costs R$ 449.00, which is quite high when compared to other dongles with similar functions and image and sound qualities.

Roku Express

Roku Express is a very popular dongle in the US that has recently officially arrived in Brazil. With it, it is possible to access the main platforms of streaming in the world, as well as other video services such as YouTube and Twitch. Although abroad the device has other versions, including a 4K one, here in the country only one model is sold for R$299.90.

Roku ExpressRoku ExpressSource: Roku Espress / Disclosure

The device features Full HD images up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) with 720p up-scaling, and Dolby Atmos sound with pass-through via HDMI.


Content customization

One of the great advantages of Roku Express is the possibility to customize the entire system in your profile. In it, it is possible to change from the application’s thumbs, to the colors of the menus and wallpaper of the main screen. In addition, you can also organize your apps in a pre-defined order for easier navigation.

Roku ExpressRoku ExpressSource: Roku Express / Disclosure

More affordable price

Another advantage of the Roku Express over its competitors is the price. Like the Fire TV Stick, it has a base price of R$299. However, there are several stores that sell the imported model for a cheaper price, which makes it range from R$210 to R$350.


Receiver for remote control commands, which does not have a volume button

The Roku Express controller does not have voice commands. If it was just that, that would be fine, as this is a type of feature that is not used very often. However, the same control also leaves out an essential function: that of increasing or decreasing the sound volume.

If that were not enough, it is also necessary to position the receiver that comes with the device in a way that it can communicate with the control. Unlike competing models that don’t need to be visible for this connection to happen.

Roku ExpressRoku ExpressSource: Roku Express / Disclosure

slow support

Even if you choose to purchase your Roku Express directly from the official website in Brazil, know that the technical support of the device is still quite slow. With a quick search on the internet it is possible to find hundreds of cases of customers bothered by the delay in solving small problems, from controls that do not work to devices that do not connect to the internet.

That’s because the company’s customer service is the same for all parts of the world, which requires more time for resolutions.


Regarding the quality of service, Fire Stick TV is the best option. The dongle has voice service on its remote and has a simple installation. However, Roku Express is a cheaper option and has a larger catalog of apps than its competitor.

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