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Today, one of the fundamental things to have on TV is a TV Box, however the price of this device has only increased in recent months, and there are more and more options on the market. With that, it’s normal to be in doubt which option will be the best, so let’s talk about the Amazon Fire TV Stick 2021, which comes with a few more buttons on the controller.

Let’s see what is good about this device and if it will be worth guaranteeing the newest version.


In the box are the Fire TV Stick, the remote control, a USB cable, an HDMI extender cable, a power adapter, two AAA toothpick batteries and the instruction manual.

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The Fire TV Stick is small and compact, making it easy to take it on the road or to a friend’s house to use on televisions or projectors. The model 2021 controller has a few more buttons, one for the Alexa voice assistant, four shortcuts for apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Music and the main button. But the most important ones are the volume and mute buttons, as in the old version it was not possible to control the TV’s volume with Fire Stick, a problem that has now been solved.


Installation is very easy, just connect the Fire TV Stick to the HDMI input and the USB cable to the TV or power adapter. If the purchase of the device is made on Amazon Brazil with the Amazon account, the device will be registered in the account. If the user already has a Fire TV Stick, he can import its settings to the new device.

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The system is very fluid and fast, with minimal but apparent delay. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and install new apps; some come pre-installed and some need to be fetched from the app store and downloaded. All downloaded apps send a purchase notification to your Amazon account, even if they are free.

One criticism of the app store is that it’s not very intuitive, making it difficult to find the app you want, especially since there’s no search bar. Among some applications that are not available and that many people have missed is Globoplay.

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The Download app is recommended by the app store itself under the “Customers also downloaded” tab and allows you to browse the internet to search for apps on official websites to install on Fire TV Stick. However, even installed in this way, the Globoplay app does not work, as it needs to be updated in the Amazon store. When we try to do this, the operation returns an error and closes.

It is important to note, however, that downloading applications by this method can be harmful to the device, as it can contain viruses and, in addition to damaging the Fire TV Stick, steal Amazon accounts registered on the device.

Image quality

Amazon released two Fire TV Sticks in 2021. Here, we are dealing with the Full HD version, with 1080p resolution, which on Netflix will run at maximum in HDR. The slightly more expensive version is 4K, and the main difference is the extra resolution in supported applications like YouTube and Netflix.


There are several cool games available that run very well and can be controlled using the device controller.

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It is worth it?

If you don’t want to use Globoplay or another app not available on Amazon’s app store, Fire TV Stick is an excellent and cost-effective TV Box option, and the main point is its mobility, which can transform any TV or projector on smartTV.

In addition, having its own control eliminates the dependence on connecting to a cell phone, as is the case with older Chromecasts. Not to mention that voice commands for Alexa are another attraction not only for searching and getting information on TV, but also for controlling lamps and other compatible smart devices.

The Fire TV Stick Lite costs an average of BRL 330, while this Fire TV Stick 2021 costs BRL 379 and the 4K, BRL 449. There are other TV Box options that may have the same or lower prices, but with better value for money with 4K it’s still Amazon’s.

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