Find out if a website has a virus with these free tools 2023


These free tools allow you to instantly find out if the website you are visiting is infected with a virus or a threat to your devices.

When browsing the Internet it is possible to come across web pages infected with viruses and, as a consequence, the device from which they are accessed can also become infected.

For this reason, and even if you have an antivirus that protects against Internet threats, in case of doubt it is important to know some tools that allow you, in a matter of seconds, to discover if the website you are browsing is infected.

The most popular tools

These free tools are the most used for this.

Google Safe Browsing.

Google has a website that works in a very simple way: once inside the web, paste the URL that we suspect of a virus in ‘and check the status of the website. If there is no threat, the message will appear: ‘No unsafe content detected’.


It has an updated database that allows you to reliably know if a domain has malware. Once inside the website, three options are offered: scan a file, a URL, or an IP address. Done, a detailed report of all scanned items appears.


This online security scanner, in addition to indicating whether a web page is free of viruses, shows other interesting information such as the security risk of the site (minimum, low, medium, high or critical) or belonging to a ‘black list’ or blacklist. These lists are created by Internet service providers, such as Outlook or Google, and include all those websites responsible for sending ‘junk’ or spam mail.

PCR risk

It works similarly to the previous ones, however, the moment of the analysis is more similar to that carried out by a conventional antivirus: the URL to be scanned is entered and it is analyzed slowly, indicating all the files and complements reviewed through a status bar. progress.


It is an extension that is installed in Google Chrome, thus, whenever a web page is accessed, it will indicate whether it is safe or, on the contrary, it warns the user of a threat.



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