FIFA 22 improves gameplay and surprises with fun

Launching a football game on the market is a challenge in itself. First, because companies have less than a year to imagine something different from the latest version. Second, because one of the most Shiite communities is found within this universe. With this, the reader must understand how difficult it is to please players of this genre, right?

Just analyze that the current competition is divided into two games, from Konami and yes Electronic Arts. Even so, the soldiers defend tooth and nail each of the titles. Luckily, the discussion is only in the digital world.

I’ve always been passionate about football games, but unlike many players, I never got into this war. I was a player in FIFA, I was once the lover of PES, now called eFootball.

There were years when I opted for one, there were periods when I preferred the other and so life went on. I say this because what I really care about is the fun, no matter what title you’re playing. And that is so, after all, competition is important for the growth of each of the franchises.

Long live the old generation!

In the last three years I opted for the title of Konami, but now there was no way. After the atrocity committed by the company with the eFootball, I migrated to the game of Electronic Arts without pity or sadness.

Even before it was released on the market, I would already have a preference for FIFA 22, because the hiatus in the game of the series would be beneficial to change the air and find a game totally different from what I played a few years ago.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten my hands on the latest titles in the EA Sports. After all, a self-respecting player always checks his rival, right?

I have more than 45 hours of gameplay on the FIFA 22 and it is possible to give technical advice based on a lot of collected and absorbed gameplay. Has the franchise evolved enough to take over the market in the coming years?

First of all it’s important to say that I tested the version of PC. Just like it happened in the basketball franchise at 2K Sports, the version of FIFA 22 for computers is still in the older generation. And it is also worth noting that we live in Brazil and most players are still there.

Basically, the big difference between the versions appears in the use of technology Hypermotion, which changed the level of animation of athletes in sports games.

I confess that I am a gamer who cares about graphics. However, we reached a stage of excellence that my concern about this dropped a lot. Nowadays I prefer a football game that has a nice and fun gameplay.

Women’s football also exists, EA Sports!

I’m going to write a lot about the gameplay of the game, but first it’s necessary to contextualize everything that surrounds us in FIFA 22. The first important point is the game modes.

They are all present there. Quick Match, Champions League, Libertadores, online modes like the Ultimate Team and career modes: player and manager. Volta is also present, focused on online mode.

The Champions League received the same gear found in the official tournament. The same goes for the songs and performance before the ball starts rolling. With Gustavo Villani’s narration, the immersion was sensational, putting you inside the true world of the biggest football championship.

It is worth noting that the achievements in the Champions League can also be found in Libertadores, with art identical to the real ones and the true atmosphere of the competition, which does not exist anywhere else on the planet.

The sad note is for the space given to women’s football, hostage to national teams and with many of them with players and generic names. With the growing prominence of the sport, in Brazil and around the world, the company scored a real own goal here.

Since we’re talking about generics, it’s worth noting that the big fight between Konami e EA Sports is still outside the digital world. I say this because exclusivity agreements with clubs continue to destroy the gaming experience.

As much as the FIFA have a multitude of leagues, many teams have generic names. A great example of this is the Campeonato Brasileiro, where players have alternate names and faces.

the real fun

The solo career and manager modes are still present and, just like in the older generation, they have pertinent details that help a lot in immersing the game. On the ground there is a gigantic athlete development tree.

In the manager you can see several items to add your fun, with great dynamism and usability. I can calmly say that these are the two styles that I liked the most, along with the Ultimate Team. And speaking of him….

As much as it is still a psychological challenge to play the famous card mode, it is robust and with a lot of interactivity for customizing your team. It’s amazing how all the features have been hand-crafted to please most gamers.

Of course, if you want to build a super squad, you’ll have to spend a lot of money. As the player depends on luck to take out good players, get ready. Of the 30 gold packages I opened, the best player that came out was Sergio Agüero, from overall 84.

Too bad online gambling destroys everything we find behind this great mode. I say this because the company insists on putting the defense in manual mode, making you go crazy to control your defense.

At times it’s disheartening to see the opponent go through your defense as if we had cones on the lawn. Why this, Electronics Arts? Why?

For the sake of the nation this can be removed when playing offline. And this is where we’re finally going to devote a lot of time to what really matters in a football game: gameplay.

fine refinement

In this regard, the FIFA 22 is on another level, if compared to its predecessor. By the way, opening a parenthesis, in case it was worse than the FIFA 21 would be reason to bury the franchise, right?

The first big highlighted point is found in the animations. They are very well made, even in the older generation. The jump was big with the visa in the FIFA 21 and this directly impacts the gameplay.

There is no longer that unbridled rush of before. You notice a more cadenced game similar to what we found in previous versions of Pro Evolution Soccer. You can see that game variations work, such as infiltrations, triangulations and tables.

It is worth noting that the defensive midfielders finally retreat to help the defensive sector. Recomposition is acceptable, even if they don’t enter the area to help your defense. In previous games it was sad to see how they got stuck in the middle of the way.

Something I didn’t like was the presence of the sprinters. As much as the contact physics has improved a lot, it still pays to have players with a lot of acceleration in your squad.

To give you an idea, athletes like Vini Jr. and Adama Traoré are disputed by the players at auctions at the Ultimate Team.

Artificial intelligence is less obvious. You clearly see that there are no scripts to follow in attack. The variations are great. This is great feature to increase the factor. replay gambling offline

It is worth highlighting the statistics screens that are complete and with very pertinent information. They help a lot when it comes to changing game tactics. This shows that the game is much more tactical than previous versions.

There are even many unique guidelines for each player, which gives greater diversity when playing. But let’s wait a bit, because the Electronic Arts LOVES releasing updates that dramatically change gameplay.

It is worth it?

It had been a long time since I got excited about a football game. Of course the FIFA 22 there are problems, like those mentioned in this review, but I was quite surprised. Even more when we talk about an older generation game.

With the precipitous drop in competition, FIFA 22 should be the only playable option this season. We expect Electronic Arts to continue this franchise growth in the coming years.

FIFA 22 has been kindly provided by Electronic Arts to carry out this review.

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