FIFA 21 in the new generation brings improved visuals and intact gameplay

FIFA 21 won last Friday (4) the long-awaited version for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X. The game brings many improvements in the graphics, but the gameplay remains practically the same. It is worth remembering that this FIFA 21 is not considered the first next gen of the franchise. The version for the new consoles of the current generation is a kind of port with improvements, but without major changes in relation to the game for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Jaw-dropping look

By far, the great highlight of the new version of FIFA 21 it’s your look. As soon as the game starts, even if you have already imported your progress from the PS4 or Xbox One version, you will need to play the introductory match again between Liverpool against PSG, which simulates a Champions League final.

New generation FIFA 21 brings impressive graphicsSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

This requirement acts as a gateway to the game running on the new generation. Since there is a kind of introduction, where the game puts you in the place of one of the children who accompany the stars in the famous field. This animation brings from the team buses arriving at the stadium, to the moments before the start of the match.

All this animation is designed to present the visual quality of the version for the new generation, focusing on more realistic features of the players, a less general crowd behavior, and more detailed external elements, such as bench seats, cameras, and so on. go.

With the ball rolling, the look continues to impress. The lighting system is even more real, especially in relation to the athletes’ shadows on the lawn, and the reflection of the light on their skins and shirts. The level of detail also deserves praise, from the appearance of the athletes, passing through the lawn and going to the finish of the stands. Everything is more real in FIFA 21 of the new generation.

FIFA 21 impresses with the level of detailFIFA 21 impresses with the level of detailSource: Reproduction / Diego Borges

Two points deserve to be highlighted: the first is in relation to the muscles of the players. Yes, you can see the muscle stretching in a more abrupt motion which makes replays even more real. And the other is how much the animations have gained more emphasis, with the right to a longer celebration if you score an important goal in the final minutes of the match.

Minor changes in gameplay

Everyone knows that FIFA 21 it is not officially the first game in the franchise made from scratch for the new generation. With that, we already expected very few changes in gameplay.

Gameplay remains the same in FIFA 21 of the new generationGameplay remains the same in FIFA 21 of the new generationSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

Because of a much better hardware, I found the game much more fluid than in the PS4 version, however this is almost imperceptible for more casual players. Other than that, nothing changes, like finishing system, disarming, dribbling, or other elements of the type.

The main change is the game’s new camera: the EA SPORTS GameCam. It has a wider angle, allowing better visualization of the players on the pitch, in addition to showing more details outside the field, especially the crowd. Particularly, I did not adapt to this camera and, in the second game, I went back to the standard: TV broadcast.

 EA SPORTS GameCam is one of the few new features in FIFA 21 of the new generation EA SPORTS GameCam is one of the few new features in FIFA 21 of the new generationSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

On PS5, there is a novelty regarding the behavior of the joystick during the game. DualSense, as is already known, has a mechanics that makes its triggers (L2 and R2) more rigid, making it difficult to “push” the buttons during certain game events. At the FIFA 21 this system occurs according to your athlete’s stamina bar, that is, the more tired he is, the more difficult it will be to press the command that makes him run.

Although interesting, it is quite exhausting to get used to this mechanics. In just over four games, I started to feel a certain discomfort in the fingers I use to press these buttons. To my happiness, and that of everyone who has not adapted, it is possible to remove this option in the joystick settings on the PS5 system.

FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series S / XFIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series S / XSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

Finally, showing the efficiency of the PS5’s internal SSD, FIFA 21 matches have never started so fast. For example, during Ultimate Team mode, not even your opponent’s team is shown, or there is the option to train someone before the match. It practically starts moments after the Start Match command is activated.

Worth it?

FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X is an improved version of the game that was introduced in October to PS4, Xbox One and PC players. The game brings significant changes to the graphics, but it does not alter the gameplay at all. Perhaps because of these limitations, migration from one generation to the next is free, unlike what occurred in FIFA 14.

In the end, it’s a nice introduction to what we can find in FIFA 22, which will be the first game in the franchise developed specifically for this generation that has just started.

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