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Stellantis launched the new Fiat Toro this Wednesday (22), and the vehicle has Wi-Fi on board and intelligent services through an eSIM virtual chip connected to TIM’s 4G. The automaker also announced the Cart platform, which will be integrated into the car to allow for payment of fuel, restaurants, tolls and parking lots.

Cart will allow payments for the car from the second half (Disclosure: Pedro Brito / Stellantis)

Cart will allow payments for the car from the second half (Disclosure: Pedro Brito / Stellantis)

Cart is a new service for Car Pay – not to be confused with CarPlay – and will allow the driver to make purchases in the vehicle itself. The platform was built in partnership with Visa, and the customer will be able to pay for the fuel supplied or place an order at a restaurant.

The automaker highlights a partnership with McDonald’s, and it will be possible to choose the items in the car itself for pick-up at the drive-thru. With the car connected, the restaurant will synchronize the start of order preparation with travel time to the restaurant, avoiding unnecessary waiting and queuing at the counters.

The ConectCar payment system will also be integrated with Cart, and the multimedia center screen can display toll and parking charges. Stellantis clarifies that the use of the adhesive tag is still mandatory due to homologation issues.

The credit card enrollment and registration process is done through a smartphone application, which should avoid exclusive registrations and logins for each store or payment service.

The Stellantis Cart is being tested in the region of Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, and will be available to the public in the second half of 2021. The automaker has not clarified whether the method of payment in the car will be available for cards other than Visa, such as Mastercard, Elo or American Express.

Nova Toro has giant screen and works with 4G from TIM

The new Toro brings good surprises for those interested in the Fiat pickup truck: in addition to the renewed design, the vehicle is equipped with the platform Connect Me, which features smart internet-dependent functions and notifies you of security information, such as maintenance alerts.

New Fiat Toro 2022 in the Ranch version (Image: Press Release / Stellantis)

New Fiat Toro 2022 in the Ranch version (Image: Press Release / Stellantis)

The automaker demonstrated that it is possible to start the Toro from a distance, open and close doors, activate lights and horns or even turn on the air conditioning. Vehicle control can be done through the Alexa virtual assistant or through the smartphone and smartwatch app.

The 4G connection also allows the owner to locate the vehicle in real time via smartphone or smartwatch. The car also notifies the user in the event of an attempted theft, theft or unauthorized towing, as well as speed or perimeter alerts.

On the Toro panel, the new multimedia system steals all the attention, with screens that can reach 10.1 inches in a vertical format. Vehicles with ConnectMe have TomTom maps that show traffic conditions and calculate whether fuel will run out on the way.

Dashboard of the new Fiat Toro 2022 Volcano (Image: Reproduction / Stellantis)

Multimedia also supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without the need for a USB cable. The Toro panel also has a smartphone location with a wireless induction charger, as well as USB-A and USB-C ports. The car also has the function of Wi-Fi hotspot, and shares TIM’s 4G internet for up to eight devices.

How much does it cost to have a Fiat Toro connected by 4G

In addition to purchasing Toro, a subscription is required to use all available services:

Connect Me

Stellantis says that anyone who buys a Fiat Toro will be able to use all connected services for a year; after the period, the customer must pay a monthly plan if he wants to continue enjoying the facilities.

The automaker did not disclose Connect Me prices after the free period, but whoever decides not to renew the service will be entitled to the basic package for an additional two years, which shows maintenance alerts, vehicle information and onboard notifications.

Wi-Fi on board

Wi-Fi on board also involves an extra cost and the hiring of a data package must be done with TIM itself. The first month of use is free, and payment for the subscription is made via credit card. These are the plans:

Flat Included services Monthly price
TIM Basic Wi-Fi
5 GB of internet
Skeelo R $ 30
TIM Standard Wi-Fi
10 GB of internet
OLA Podcasts Light
R $ 50
TIM Wi-Fi Premium
40 GB of internet
OLA Podcasts
cartoon Network
R $ 100

Standard and Premium plans also include unlimited access to Waze. All franchises are available for hire in the first month free of charge, and cancellation can be done at any time without penalty.

Prices of the New Fiat Toro

The New Fiat Toro has seven different versions, but not all of them have internet services. The Connect Me platform is only available on models with a 8.4-inch and 10.1-inch multimedia center. See prices:

Version Do you have Connect Me? Price
Endurance 1.8 Flex AT6 No
7 inch central
R $ 114,590
Endurance Turbo 270 Flex AT6 No
7 inch central
R $ 119,590
Endurance Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4 No
7 inch central
R $ 152,990
Freedom Turbo 270 Flex AT6 Yea
8.4 inch center
R $ 131,890
Volcano Turbo 270 Flex AT6 Yea
8.4 inch center
R $ 144,990
Freedom Turbo 270 Flex AT9 4 × 4 Yea
8.4 inch center
R $ 164,390
Volcano Diesel Shift AT9 4 × 4 Yea
8.4 inch center
R $ 177,690
Ranch Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4 Yea
10.1 inch center
R $ 185,490
Ultra Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4 Yea
10.1 inch center
R $ 187,490

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