Feeling Terzalimi, Ex-Merpati Employees Ask Erick Thohir’s Attention

Jakarta, IDN Times – Former employees of PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines who were merged with Merpati break-up hoped to meet with SOE Minister Erick Thohir to explain the existence of program deviations in Merpati to the detriment of certain parties.

“So far, Pak Erick Thohir doesn’t know that there has been an extraordinary deviation, which has been wronged by us and we are finally,” he told IDN Times, Monday (6/22).

He told the roots of the Merpati problem occurred in 2008, when the Government appointed PT Asset Management Company (PPA) to carry out its task of restructuring Merpati, by making a scenario to save Merpati, with a solution package for replacing the Directors and a loan loan of Rp300 billion with 2 programs offered. namely laying off 1,300 Merpati employees, citing too many employees, not balanced with the number of production equipment.

“In fact Merpati’s production equipment continues to decrease, so as to make the ratio with the number of employees unbalanced, production equipment should be added, not employees reduced, but this program must or must be run by the new Directors,” he said.

Then moved the head office to Makassar, with the reason of approaching the Eastern Indonesian market. He said, Merpati had rented an office near the airport, and renovated the office, but because the funds had been used up for the layoff program, he continued, the office was eventually abandoned, not moving, only legal formalities were moved on paper.

1. The majority of Merpati employees oppose

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The former Merpati employee, said that many challenged the program, because he said that if PPA really aims to help Merpati why many Merpati assets were pledged and employees were laid off.

“The program is funny, first we have to lay off people, the reason is that the ratio of people and planes is not balanced, at that time we said that if there was money in the form of loans and we had to return this money we had to add production money,” he said.

He explained, Merpati did not get better, almost all of Merpati’s assets had been collateralized to PPA including Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF) and Merpati Training Center (MTC) to cover Merpati’s debt to PPA, Merpati employees who had the potential to leave Merpati and raise other airlines (competitors), and Merpati became worse and worse which ended up selling its productive assets, namely its Head Office building on the Angkasa road to Basarnas.

“Because other assets cannot be sold (in PPA collateral), it must be done only to increase the cash flow of working capital that is already running low,” he said.

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2. The peak of the problem occurred in 2016

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Feeling Terzalimi, Ex-Merpati Employees Ask Erick Thohir's AttentionIllustration of loss (IDN Times / Arief Rahmat)

In the next period, Merpati received more funding from the government through PPA. But he regretted that the Government and the Ministry of BUMN did not evaluate or audit the funds to be disbursed beforehand.

“In fact, if we evaluate it, we will know which one is the right (pigeon repair scheme),” he said.

The peak occurred in 2016 at that time he said Merpati received more funding of Rp500 billion, but Merpati had to lay off through voluntary programs, with a 50 percent discount in rights.

“So those who want to take it please, those who don’t want it, please, but with the record being sued in court,” he said.

“Does the Ministry of SOEs know the story, we aim to give know that, “he said.

3. Want rights returned

Feeling Terzalimi, Ex-Merpati Employees Ask Erick Thohir's AttentionIllustration of the economic impact of a pandemic (IDN Times / Arief Rahmat)

Still fresh in his memory, that he was the only person who refused to do the layoffs voluntarily, so he had to follow the litigation. After all the processes were passed, Merpati did not also give him IDR 500 million in rights.

“I was sued in court, took human rights to the Supreme Court okay, I have fulfilled the legal affairs in Indonesia, I lost. Merpati must pay according to the decision of the Supreme Court, my rights, but have not been paid anything,” he said.

Yesterday he should have visited the Ministry of SOEs to meet SOE Minister Erick Thohir, but unfortunately he failed to meet Erick. He also repeatedly sent letters to the Ministry of SOEs, but there was no response.

“Our hope (when meeting with the Minister of BUMN) is that his rights are reversed, but if we can meet Erick, we will first give an understanding of the deviations that have happened,” he said.

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