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Far Cry 6 is the next game in the Ubisoft action series and this time the player will be taken to the fictional island of Yara which is controlled by dictator Antón Castillo, known as “El Presidente”. You are Dani Rojas, a former recruit in the local army and now a member of the guerrilla. Its objective is clear: to free the island country from authoritarian rule. O Techblog tested a preview of FC6, for five hours, and you can read the first impressions below.

One of the characteristics of the franchise Far cry it’s the freedom developers have to create a new story with every title released. The series has already had games set in prehistory, in a future 80s movie-style cyberpunk future, in a region controlled by a religious sect… However, putting the player in the middle of a civil war, between some authoritarian power and those who wanting to get rid of this domination seems to be the favorite theme.

And that’s how we arrived at Yara, a fictional Caribbean island, inspired by Cuba, and regarded as the largest map ever made for Far cry, according to the developers.

Prominence divided between world and player

Far Cry 6 – Preview (Image: Publicity/Ubisoft)

Dani (who can be a man or a woman) at first has only one certainty in mind: running away from Yara. But of course his plans will go (very) wrong quickly and the character will find himself on a journey to gain prestige within the guerrilla and thus get more allies and resources to oust Antón Castillo from power.

And it’s all this set of activities, which the player will need to do throughout the gameplay, which resembles the familiar formula of the series, but now with the promise of a world “with a life of its own”. World Director Ben Hall tells the Techblog that Yara brings a system of reaction to the player’s actions. “You will see different scenarios unfold. As it gets better known, people will start telling stories about Dani. They will know who you are”, explains the director.

And that goes for your enemies too. “If you create too much chaos around the world, enemies will also react. If, for example, Dani blows up a lot of vehicles, causes a lot of firefights against the military, etc., Castillo will send elite soldiers to hunt down whoever is doing it,” says Hall. The director also states that the world does not necessarily revolve around Dani, that is, it does not revolve around the player.

What I could see, even if still initially, is that the role of Far Cry 6 is divided between Dani and the environment that surrounds him. You can, for example, enter a village with several soldiers and no one will attack you if you have your weapons stored, for example. Aside from locations where only Castillo’s soldiers can be (such as the well-known checkpoints you need to clear), being attacked or not will depend on your actions. The other NPCs also have their own lives and routines.

The Far Cry formula and improvised weapons

far cry 6 - preview
Far Cry 6 – Preview (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

You don’t have to be a franchise veteran to quickly figure out the controls and some basic actions. The formula Far cry it’s simple to learn even for novices and it’s already in the muscle memory of those who played something from the series. If you have experience in sandbox-style games, chances are you won’t have any problems getting around the world.

As stated before, it will be necessary to clear control points by Yara, to increase the guerrilla’s influence, and serve as places for quick travel. These are the familiar activities of reconnaissance, infiltration and dominance of strategic areas on the map. In these cases, there are usually two types of approaches: direct or stealth.

In addition to the control points, you can also participate in various other activities, such as fishing, hunting, destroying local regime propaganda, participating in races, climbing, using different vehicles, upgrading camps to gain access to better items, having pets that help you in fights (Guapo and Chorizo ​​are super cute, each in their own way) and use modified weapons with hacks.

These custom trinket weapons may be the highlight of Dani’s inventory. Apparently, everything has the potential to become a weapon in the hands of the guerrillas. Unlike government soldiers, who have military equipment, guerrillas need to make do with what they can. With this, duct tape, soda bottles, metal scraps and even CDs can be incorporated into your arsenal.

Far Cry 6 – Preview (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

Creativity, in this case, goes beyond the appearance of some weapons and costumes, but also the unpredictability of what will happen. The ultimate weapons (which can be carried as a backpack), for example, are the ones that have the greatest destruction or support power. They take longer to load, but using them can define whether you will be shot down when surrounded by a group of enemies or not.

The protagonist’s progression system is based on rankings. Dani rises in rank in the guerrilla, so to speak, and gains more reputation with the local population as he completes missions and unlocks key Yara points from Castillo’s domain.

During the PC preview, I also had the opportunity to try out some of the online co-op mode. Even though it’s a remote gameplay of an unfinished version, the game flowed satisfactorily with two players in the same world. If you’ve already tested the co-op of other titles in the series, the experience is pretty similar. Personally, I like this kind of multiplayer – both to combine strategies and to laugh together at something that has gone wrong.

I found it interesting that it’s possible to have both players’ pets in co-op. Oh, and you can change the clothes for both the alligator and the puppy too. In order not to have a fight between friends, collectable items and progress are shared. It is not possible, however, to use the “divide and conquer” strategy, that is, you must always be close to the other player to progress.

Far Cry 6 – Preview (Image: Publicity/Ubisoft)

Some decisions, even in the cooperative, also need to be taken in pairs. For example, to travel fast to some location, both players need to agree to this and a screen will appear with the options to accept or not a certain action. This is also true when it comes to spending the money they earned to improve a guerrilla camp. It’s a kind of partnership with community of goods.

Lots of exploration in different regions

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the world of Far Cry 6 will share the protagonism with Dani and will react as the player interacts with its inhabitants and also in the way he handles missions, activities and so on. Regarding how much the player will have the opportunity to explore, World Director Ben Hall said in an interview with Techblog that “the operating system was something thought and built since the beginning of the game’s development”.

“We really want to make players feel compelled to scour every corner, every hill, every corner of the forest for something new that can help them fight Yara’s oppressive regime,” explains Hall. “We did a lot of research on guerrillas and how their fighters opened up several different locations and used the resources they found. We wanted to use that concept and really get the player interested and want to explore every part of Yara.”

What I got to experience in the five hours of gameplay was only a small part of the map, but there was still a lot to see. It is worth noting that the player will be able to explore an entire country now and each region has different levels of development (in terms of infrastructure, for example). There are places that are more like urban centers and others similar to rural areas.

Far Cry 6 – Preview (Image: Publicity/Ubisoft)

“The challenge that came with it [regiões diferentes no mapa] it was obviously the amount of world we wanted to create in terms of urban sections”, highlights Hall. “And not just from a purely world-building perspective, but also looking at what that would add to the player experience. For example: how different will it be to fight among buildings compared to fighting among trees?”

Far Cry 6: Viva la revolución!

What I noticed, throughout the test gameplay, is that Far Cry 6 brings back the familiar mechanics of the franchise, but apparently adds a little more spice to the mix. The system of the world reacting to Dani’s actions is interesting, but since I didn’t play enough (five hours for an open world game is almost nothing) I couldn’t see these changes in depth.

The amount of things to explore really caught the attention and, although it doesn’t necessarily add so much to the story (at least that’s what it seems), who doesn’t love walking around with an alligator with a gold tooth or a super cute puppy in a car seat wheels?

In addition, the crafting system for weapons and costumes also called my attention, using materials that many would consider garbage. This is in line with what the World Director himself commented about trying to be faithful to how the guerrillas were doing to improvise improvements to their own equipment.

As this is an unfinished version, I won’t comment (at this point) on visuals, audio, co-op connectivity or even bugs, as that wouldn’t be fair. What I can say is that, in general, work in this direction seems to be going well.

For the rest, it is to wait Far Cry 6 be released on October 7th. The game will have versions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC (Windows) and Google Stadia. The game will bring the option of subtitles and audio in Brazilian Portuguese.

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