Faperj opens public notice of R$ 45 million for vaccines and therapies against COVID-19 | Science

THE Faperj presented a new notice for research on the COVID-19. The program will allocate up to R$ 45 million to projects that cover topics such as the development of new vaccines and phase 4 studies of immunization agents authorized by Anvisa. The initiative also aims to fund research related to therapies to combat the effects of disease caused by the new coronavirus. Registration is open until September.

Faperj announces notice to fund research on vaccines and therapies against COVID-19 (Image: Gustavo Fring/Pexels)

The notice is part of the “Support Program for Scientific and Technological Projects for the Development and Evaluation of Vaccines and Therapies against COVID-19”. According to the research support foundation of Rio de Janeiro, the initiative has a contribution of R$ 45 million for projects to evaluate vaccines and therapies against COVID-19. The financing has a maximum duration of 36 months.

The amount is aimed at projects that focus on scientific and technological research. To apply, the proposal must include at least one of the following topics, as informed by the notice:

  • Development of new vaccines against COVID-19 including recombinant subunit vaccines, inactivated vaccines, viral vector vaccines, RNA and DNA vaccines, and attenuated vaccines”;
  • Immunotherapy – monoclonal antibodies, convalescent plasma and hyperimmune heterologous globulins”;
  • Phase 4 studies of vaccines already authorized in Brazil by Anvisa, with monitoring of the genomic response of virus variants, so that these actions enable applicability”;
  • “Repositioning of drugs”;
  • “New therapies”.

Research teams with an employment or functional relationship with an Institution of Science and Technology (ICT) or a Brazilian public company are eligible. There is also space for small and medium-sized Brazilian private companies. In both cases, bidders must be residents of or headquartered in the state of Rio de Janeiro. But the criteria provided for in the notice vary between groups.

Scientist in a laboratory (Image: fernando zhiminaicela/Pixabay)
Faperj announces an investment of R$ 45 million in research on COVID-19 (Image: fernando zhiminaicela/Pixabay)

Faperj notice: registrations until the end of September

The notice of the new funding program of the Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Research Support in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Faperj) was made public on Thursday (26). According to the state institution, interested parties have until September 23, 2021 to submit their proposals. Check the schedule provided for in the following notice:

  • Release of the notice: August 26, 2021;
  • Online Proposal Submission: between August 26 and September 23, 2021;
  • Disclosure of the preliminary result: as of October 14, 2021;
  • Submission of consolidated proposals: between October 14 and 24, 2021;
  • Disclosure of the result of the consolidated proposals: as of November 4, 2021;
  • Disclosure of the final result: as of November 15, 2021.

The selection process comprises four steps. In the pre-qualification, the eligibility requirements of the terms defined by the notice are determined. Then, there will be an evaluation of merit, prioritization and deliberation by Faperj’s Board of Directors. Applicants can also file resources through sisFAPERJ within seven working days after the results are published on the institution’s website.

Applications must be made through sisFAPERJ (sisfaperj.faperj.br). The notice is available on the foundation’s website linked to the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTI) of Rio de Janeiro (faperj.br). The final result (no appeal pending) will be published on the internet and in the Official Gazette of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

With information: Faperj (Advisory)

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