Falcão and the Winter Soldier: the best moments of the duo in the MCU

Since Captain America: Civil War, Bucky and Sam proved to be a pair with great dynamics. And it is this dynamic that we must see in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with the two heroes working together, but also provoking each other all the time. The promotional material of the series bets on this conflict between the two, with some comical scenes and others with them supporting each other.

In addition, both are known for great action scenes, thus completing a successful formula that Marvel has used well in their productions. With a launch scheduled for March 19, Falcon and the Winter Soldier it will be the second series to be part of the MCU, serving as a connection for Phase 4. And while the series doesn’t start, how about remembering some of Sam and Bucky’s best moments?

In the spider webs

In Civil war, Sam and Bucky worked together for the first time at the MCU. And at the end of the film, during the great fight between the heroes, the duo was caught off guard by the then newcomer, Spider-Man, who binds them both with his webs. Stuck on the ground, Sam uses his drone to take the Webhead and take it away and then Bucky asks, “Couldn’t you have done this before?” To which Sam replies, “I hate you.”

The series trailer has already shown that this type of interaction will happen in a few moments. The comic relief is a feature that was present in all MCU films, and should not be different in the series. And the two have already shown that they know how to deliver this type of interaction.

Bucky causing a war between the Avengers

Still in Civil war, it is important to remember that it was Bucky responsible for the conflict between the heroes. After decades of brainwashing, he was trying to find out where he came from when he was accused of attacking a UN conference and killing T’Challa, T’Challa’s father.

The situation among the Avengers was no longer the best, and Steve Rogers sided with his former friend and against Tony Stark. The whole film is based on Captain America’s trust in Bucky, making him stand against other heroes, especially when Tony Stark finds out that it was the Winter Soldier who killed his parents – he just didn’t know that Bucky wasn’t conscious of your actions.

Sam receiving the shield from Captain America

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Captain America goes back in time to return the Infinity Stones and not mess up the timelines. However, Steve Rogers does not return when Bruce Banner starts the time machine. As he tries to find out what happened, Bucky realizes that his friend is sitting on a bench nearby and that he has decided to stay in the past to enjoy his life with Peggy Carter.

In the end, Rogers ends up giving Sam the shield and transferring Captain America’s mantle to him. The series trailer showed that Sam should not keep the shield, at least at the beginning, but it was a beautiful moment for the MCU to be able to see such an important character passing his legacy forward, after being part of this universe for so long.

Bucky getting his new arm in Wakanda

If Sam won a shield, Bucky was not left behind and received a new arm after the events of Avengers: Civil War. He had lost his previous arm in the fight against Iron Man, but in the post-credit scene of the film it is revealed that T’Challa agreed to receive Bucky, who would be frozen until Shuri managed to regain his consciousness.

He wakes up at the end of black Panther, in one of the Wakanda tribes and in Avengers: Infinity War, Bucky receives a new arm, made with the country’s technology. This whole sequence of events shows that there was a great effort to keep him alive and well, it was just missing to show if the new arm has any special skills.

On your left

This is a moment that has become iconic for the way it was used in the MCU. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, we are introduced to Sam Wilson when he was exercising. During his run, Steve Rogers passes him countless times, always provoking him by saying “to his left”, so that Sam could see that he was being overtaken again.

In addition to the friendship between the two being born there, the phrase ended up being used inversely in Avengers: Endgame. During the final battle against Thanos, when Captain America is almost defeated, he overhears on his communicator Sam saying “to his left”. The Captain turns around and Doctor Strange’s portals start to open and all the Avengers that had been eliminated, join him in the battle. In addition to being an excellent connection between the films, the scene ended up becoming one of the most iconic moments of the MCU.


Another really fun moment between Sam and Bucky happens in Captain America: Civil War. As Bucky is very unstable during the film, he is presented as a serious character. To break this image a bit, when Steve Rogers meets Sharon Carter to retrieve his shield and Falcon’s uniform, Bucky asks Sam to move the car seat so that he has more space, but only receives a “no” like answer.

This conflict between the characters ends up becoming fun throughout the film, as can be seen in the scene of the fight against Spider-Man, mentioned earlier. But this time, the comic relief continues and we see Rogers kissing Carter. The camera cuts to Sam and Bucky who nod positively to their friend. The result is a scene that, in addition to being fun, helps to create more empathy for the characters. And it worked so well, that now the duo will receive a series.

Eliminated by Thanos

Avengers: Endgame served to put the main team of heroes together one last time. Except for Rocket Racoon, Nebula and Captain Marvel, only the main team survived Thanos, meaning that Sam and Bucky were also eliminated at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Bucky, by the way, was the first hero to disappear, right in front of Captain America. Sometime later, it’s Sam’s turn. As everything happens very quickly, nobody understands exactly what is happening, which helps to make the sequence heavier. Naturally, both return in the next film, as mentioned earlier, however, this is yet another connection that the characters have and will lead to Hawk and the Winter Soldier.

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