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A failure in the Rio de Janeiro government’s platform to schedule COVID-19 tests — and avoid queues at Emergency Care Units (UPA) — caused inconvenience in the Rio de Janeiro capital. On its first day of operation, the registration site for rapid exams or RT-PCR went offline. At the UPA in Tijuca, north of Rio, cariocas formed a line and crowded in front of the post. According to the State Department of Health (SES) the site was taken down by a demand that exceeded the capacity of care.

Cariocas line up at the UPA in Tijuca to test for COVID-19 (Image: Fernando Frazão/EBC)

On the state government website, the patient could enter his personal data to schedule a COVID-19 exam on the day he wanted, informing which symptoms of the disease he would be presenting, such as pain, fever, runny nose, cough and chills. However, high demand made the platform unavailable until Monday night (10).

At around 7 pm, the SES scheduling platform returned to the air, with sold-out hours for several days. Earlier, in a note, SES told the Or Balloon:

“There was a problem with the testing scheduling system, with more people being booked than planned for the next three days. Once the flaw was identified, the site was temporarily taken offline.”

To speed up testing and reduce queues, the government of RJ states that it has mobilized more service teams, and clarified that those who managed to schedule the test through the website will be attended to.

Website of the Secretary of State for Health returns to the air (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)

Failure led to crowds in Tijuca

Cariocas began to gather in front of the health posts due to the confusion generated by the fall of the platform. At the UPA in Tijuca, patients organized themselves into two lines to reduce the waiting time: one for people who had made an appointment on the website, and another for those who had not previously made an appointment.

But videos taken by users and posted on social media show a disorganized queue, with no social distancing between people. A post on Twitter points out that the UPA in Tijuca also had a long wait on Sunday (9), with a line around the corner of the post.

One user even responded to an official post by Governor Cláudio Castro (PL), asking the head of government to bring “more organization” to the north zone post.

A woman recommended in the networks that cariocas look for other service stations in the municipal network to take the COVID-19 test, such as CMS Heitor Beltrão.

The primary care facilities — more than 230 existing — and the ten primary care centers of the Municipal Health Department of Rio do not require prior appointments.

But there is high demand for COVID-19 testing at these points as well. CMS Oswaldo Cruz dawned this Monday (10) with a long line that turned the corner to Rua Riachuelo, in downtown Rio.

Serious patients should seek emergency, says SES

In testimony to TV Globo, Cariocas waiting in line at the UPA in Tijuca claimed that the health teams interrupted the call of those who were already in the queue on the platform, which caused all the patients to crowd in front of the gate, waiting for care.

“I’m here at the UPA in Tijuca. It’s hell, chaos. I don’t know what this scheduling was for if this line is here”, Rafaela Delduque told the broadcaster. “Agglomeration, when everyone is sick. My grandmother is here, who has symptoms. If she doesn’t have COVID, she will get it here because it’s horrible.”

The Secretary of State for Health says that those who experience more serious symptoms, such as shortness of breath, or have a fever above 37.7º C, should look for an emergency unit, without the need for an appointment.

The state government opened three more COVID-19 testing points on Monday. Now, the capital has eight points that carry out exams, in addition to one more located in Nova Iguaçu.

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