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Facebook announced that its Oversight Committee will review the decision to ban accounts of former U.S. President Donald Trump. The group will analyze the content that led to the Republican’s suspension and decide if he really violates the rules of the social network. The case will be judged by five independent experts.

Donald Trump (Image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC)

Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended indefinitely on January 7. The decision was made after its supporters invaded the US Capitol. In the assessment of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, the former American president used the platforms to incite violence in the country.

In a statement on the review in the committee, Facebook said it considered the decision to suspend Trump’s accounts correct. However, due to the importance of the case, the company believes that it is important to have an independent analysis on whether the measure is maintained or not.

According to Facebook’s vice president of Communications and Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, who signs the text, the public’s response to Trump’s suspension shows that people expect platforms to be balanced in their decisions.

“Some said that Facebook should have banned President Trump a long time ago, and that the violence on Capitol Hill was itself a product of social media; others, that it was an unacceptable demonstration of inexplicable corporate power over political discourse, ”said the executive.

Clegg pointed out that, whatever the opinion, people are right to be concerned about the power of technology companies to ban elected leaders. “Many argue that private companies like Facebook should not make these big decisions on their own. We agree, ”he said.

The executive recalled that, daily, Facebook evaluates whether content is harmful or not based on its terms of use. “It would be better if these decisions were made according to the structures agreed by democratically responsible legislators. But, in the absence of such laws, there are decisions that we cannot avoid ”.

Trump case on Facebook’s Supervisory Committee

Facebook (Image: Max Pixel)

Facebook (Image: Max Pixel)

The Supervisory Committee said on Twitter that it agreed to analyze the Trump case because it understands that “it was created to address exactly these types of issues”. The group’s decision will be binding, that is, Facebook will have to follow what is determined. The company should also consider the committee’s recommendations for changes to the social network’s policy.

The decision is expected to be presented within 90 days – until then, Trump’s accounts will remain suspended. During this period, the ex-president and Facebook will be able to present their positions. Next week, the committee will also open space for public comments that can contribute to the analysis.

A group of five members will analyze whether the posts that led to Trump’s suspension violate the rules of the social network. The decision depends on a simple majority. The trial will also take into account whether Facebook has respected international human rights standards, such as guaranteeing freedom of expression.

Upon completion (to maintain or revoke the suspension), Facebook must comply within 7 days as determined. The company will also have 30 days to respond to recommendations for policy changes.

Created in 2020, the Facebook Supervisory Committee is a group focused on analyzing content moderation decisions. The group can position itself in cases sent by both Facebook and users, who can start the process on this link. For the case to be accepted, however, it is necessary to first exhaust all resources with the social network.

With information: The Verge, Engadget, Supervisory Committee.

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