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Facebook must enter the competition in the smartwatch market. The company is developing a new smart watch, with a detachable screen and two cameras to share videos and photos through the social network’s suite of apps, including Instagram. The device should hit stores in the summer of 2022 – there is no information about a launch in Brazil.

Facebook App (Image: Thomas Sokolowski/Unsplash)

Facebook Watch wants to outwit Apple and Google

O The Verge spoke with officials involved in Facebook’s ambitious project, which has been trying to launch hardware devices since 2013, when it launched the HTC Phone, without much success. Mark Zuckerberg’s idea with the new product is to compete with Apple and Google, which dominate the field of smart devices that fit the wrist – with Apple Watch and Fitbit.

The social network developed the watch so that it behaves like a smartphone. A lens on the front of the device allows for video calls, while another 1080p autofocus camera can be detached from the stainless steel back. According to the The Verge, Facebook is collaborating with accessory companies so that the camera can be fitted into backpacks – a possible advantage over competitors.

The watch, despite having smartphone features, won’t need one for connectivity – Facebook is partnering with 4G signal providers to make your device operate independently.

The social network already has the second and third generation watch models planned. However, Facebook does not expect sales in the millions, according to officials. The expectation is to distribute units in the 6-digit range – little, compared to the 34 million watches sold in 2020 by Apple.

Although it does not have an official name or images released, the release date is set for the summer of 2022. For now, there is only speculation among employees that the watch will cost US$400 – approximately R$1,200. Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants the watch integrated with its augmented reality glasses – the founder of Facebook hopes digital frames will be as common as cell phones in the future.

But what does this mean for privacy?

Getting rid of Apple and Google devices is also avoiding the privacy restrictions of these companies. Facebook has faced Apple on multiple fronts when it comes to data protection.

Recently, the iPhone maker announced iCloud+, which promises to hide the IP so that websites don’t have access to browsing history. It also limited social media data collection with the release of iOS 14.5 — a feature that still has some loopholes.

It remains to be seen how Facebook’s clock will interact with apps from its ecosystem, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. It all depends on the privacy policy the company will have to formulate for a device with photo and video cameras, heart rate meter, and a cradle to fit travel accessories; a plate full of personal information.

Mark Zuckerberg has sometimes been called to testify before Congress to explain Facebook’s controversial handling of data. Market intelligence firms, such as Cambridge Analytics, used the platform to sell ads using huge databases without users’ authorization. It is worrying that the social network wants, at this point, to circumvent Apple and Google’s initiatives towards secrecy.

Facebook’s watch could be a new chapter in a privacy scandal, especially if there is unauthorized data exchange between Instagram and WhatsApp. The company sought to do this by enforcing a privacy policy that shared messaging user data with the social network. In the end, he backtracked and said he won’t force customers to accept the new terms.

With information: The Verge

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