Facebook owner reveals home office in the metaverse and plans Zuck Bucks

When talking about the work environment of the future, the idea is to gain a better experience when reading emails, video conferences and creating Excel tables. All this within a more modern and, preferably, cozy office. However, the version of the home office in the metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg imagines is far from that description — the founder and CEO of the Facebook owner showed a virtual reality office that looks more like a reception of a business building in Faria Lima.

Mark Zuckerberg in the Meta announcement (image: Playback/Facebook)
Mark Zuckerberg in the Meta announcement (image: Playback/Facebook)

This Thursday (7), the founder of Meta published about an update that will come soon to Meta Quest 2 — which was called Oculus Quest 2 when Meta was still Facebook. It’s an update to Horizon Home that creates an office environment for the user to work within the metaverse, just as Zuckerberg has been doing for the past few months.

And the atmosphere is not the most pleasant. Some Zuckerberg followers have written negative comments about Horizon Homes’ new home office location. “How old-fashioned and primitive. Who in holy conscience would waste time on this? It looks like those futuristic spaces from the 80s,” wrote one. Another complains that the Quest 2 image resolution is simply not high enough to enjoy the virtual world, let alone work in it.

The Horizon metaverse has three VR apps that launched in December: Horizon Worlds, which focuses on a world built around user experiences, Horizon Venues, made for sports and concerts, and Horizon Workplace, which targets the home. office. In February, Worlds and Venues had 300,000 users, which can be considered little compared to the 10 million owners of Meta Quest 2.

Not even the spokeswoman for Meta informed the Engadget whether the company’s own employees are using Horizon for work. According to Zuckerberg, you can use the metaverse’s home office to “take calls, read emails, or develop your next big project.”

As the home office in VR is a novelty, the space is not yet well structured for all the demands of an exhausting day at work. Spike’s email app for Quest 2, for example, doesn’t have the ability to attach files to messages — something that can be done since 1998 on a conventional computer. Instagram and Facebook are still in beta for the device.

While remote working in the metaverse seems to be a reality a little further away than Meta would like, the VR market is hotter than ever.

According to IDC, sales of virtual reality headsets nearly doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 — 11.2 million such products were sold last year. With the Meta Quest 2 being the best-selling device in the category in the world, the Facebook owner is betting big on the success of the metaverse, investing US$ 10 billion in its creation.

Beyond the metaverse, apparently the company controlled by Mark Zuckerberg is creating a digital currency that has earned the internal nickname Zuck Bucks, in honor of the founder and CEO.

According to the newspaper Financial Times (FT), the asset will not be a cryptocurrency, but a token to be spent within the metaverse — something similar to Robux and V-bucks, which only have value within the Roblox and Fortnite video games, respectively. The Zuck Bucks would be centralized and controlled by Meta, which can form a market around the virtual currency.

O FT further says that Meta has plans to launch an NFT program on Facebook around the second half of May, where users will be able to post and share non-fungible tokens. According to an internal document obtained by the newspaper, the company will introduce two group subscriptions on the social network based on NFTs: one for owners and the other for minting the asset.

A reward program based on “social tokens” or “reputation tokens” is also in the pipeline for Zuckerberg’s company. This type of award could be provided for each “significant contribution by a user to a Facebook group, for example”, as the FT.

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