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The metaverse concept is increasingly popular, and large companies have begun to invest heavily in their visions of these new digital worlds. Facebook, Epic Games, Roblox and Microsoft are four giant corporations that are already thinking about how they can act in this future in which reality and virtual mix. What are the goals of each of them? I’ll tell you in the following lines.

The metaverse mixes the real and the virtual world through technology (Image: Lucrezia Carnelos/Unsplash)

Facebook owns some of the biggest social networks in the world. Therefore, it was expected that Mark Zuckerberg would not take too long to take the first step towards the metaverse. This Thursday (28), the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp revealed its new strategy and name change to “Meta”.

This doesn’t change the name or the functioning of the social networks we use daily, but it shows how the company wants to position itself from now on. Zuckerberg’s idea is to start mixing the real world with the virtual little by little, by investing in new applications and virtual reality laboratories.

Mark Zuckerberg announces new company name behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp: Meta (Image: Play/Facebook)
Mark Zuckerberg announces new company name behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp: Meta (Image: Play/Facebook)

According to Zuckerberg, there is a plan to spend $10 billion to create the metaverse. Part of that money will be used to hire young talent to help build these new virtual environments. The company’s CEO also plans to invest in hardware, starting with Stories, a dual-camera smart glasses manufactured by Ray-Ban.

On the other hand, other companies that own social networks have taken the lead in creating metaverses. One example is Snapchat, which already has resources for creating customizable virtual avatars – Bitmojis. These little dolls can also be moved around on a 3D map right through the app, ensuring the immersion that many users expect.

Fortnite (Image: Playback/Epic Games)
Epic Games wants to build a free metaverse with Fortnite (Image: Playback/Epic Games)

Epic Games has acted as the gaming pillar of the metaverse, with a $1 billion investment and financial backing from Sony and other technology companies. One of the most successful games in the world, Fortnite it has gone from being just a fun game to becoming a true digital platform where you can watch shows by artists like Ariana Grande and visit educational exhibitions in virtual museums.

As the idea of ​​the metaverse is to mix the real world with the virtual, including as many people as possible, Epic Games is already advanced with Fortnite. What the developer needs most now is support from other companies to convince tech giants that Battle Royale must be completely cross-platform and without any barriers, including financial.

To that end, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is using the court war against Apple to abolish stores’ control over the payment methods used in Fortnite. With no fees or other limitations, players can access the game wherever, however and whenever they want, with complete freedom.

Roblox wants to allow people to communicate in the metaverse as in real life (Image: Press Release/Roblox)

Roblox Corporation has a vision similar to Epic Games, but the company wants to leave the creation of the metaverse in the hands of users of Roblox. The producer wants to bring people together in virtual environments where they can not only play, but also learn, work, create and socialize, forging real bonds.

Its main pillar in relation to the metaverse is communication. Roblox Corporation’s initial idea is to “devirtualize” interactions in Roblox, through systems that simulate real-life gestures in games, such as dynamic facial expressions and spatial voice chat, which is already being tested.

In the company’s view, the metaverse of Roblox will enable virtual world conversations and social interactions identical to real world exchanges, wherever people are. As in reality, virtual communication must also follow the same norms of society. For Roblox Corporation, being in a digital environment does not mean having absolute rights.

Microsoft’s Metaverse is more entrepreneurial and focused on professional development (Image: Laurens Derks/Unsplash)

Microsoft has a much more entrepreneurial view of the metaverse. For the company, virtual environments can be used to simulate stores whose shelves are always full, production lines in factories that solve problems automatically, or even an energy plan to light an entire city.

For the creator of Windows, the metaverse will require that even companies that are not in the technology sector hire software developers to create their own metaverses. Microsoft imagines that everything can be digitized and that the industry will be based on five pillars: Internet of Things, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotic automation.

Microsoft’s focus is on using the metaverse to create this mixed reality in which people can simulate real-world events with virtual-world security. Thus, professionals can make mistakes as many times as they want, analyze situations from different angles, predict accidents and interact with things without them being tangible in reality.

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