Explanation of the end! Victor Coming out, Family etc.

Check out the explanation for the end of Season 1 Love, Victor. Couple with Benji, Coming Out, family etc.

Victor Salazar came out to his family at the end of season 1 of Love, Victor. But before the viewers can see the reactions of his relatives. The season ended on a cliffhanger. Michael Cimino is the main character in the series. It follows the romantic comedy Love, Simon. In order to get closer to the flagship film, Nick Robinson resumes his role as Simon as a source of advice for Victor.

The Story of Love Season 1, Victor

Love, Victor focuses on the Salazar family who are leaving Texas to settle in an Atlanta suburb. In the center is Victor, a teenager struggling with his gender identity. After starting at Creekwood High School, Victor learns of the existence of Simon Spier, a legendary former student who had a memorable journey before becoming homosexual. Victor contacts Simon about his own struggles. But rather than focusing on coming out. Love, Victor focuses mainly on Victor’s journey in the full realization of his identity. Before embracing what he really is, Victor engages in a relationship with Mia. One of the most popular girls in Creekwood.

Besides the sexuality of Victor, the dynamics between the members of his family is also a major point of interest. His family consists of his parents, Armando and Isabel. And his younger brothers and sisters, Pilar and Adrian. The situation of Victor’s family is different from that of Simon. Which provokes Victor’s resentment towards Simon’s success. Over time, Victor realizes that Simon has not had an easy life and that everyone’s path to get out is different. The season 1 of Love, Victor solved many problems. But she also uncovered many new questions for the future of the series.

Will Victor and Benji get together afterwards?

After a “do they go or not” situation that lasted until end of season 1 for Victor and Benji. The two classmates shared their feelings for each other at the end of Season 1 of Love, Victor. Benji really opened Victor’s eyes to his own sexual identity. Even if Benji was with Derek, there was more and more tension between the two. Victor’s kiss during the night work trip with Benji made matters worse. But he tried to smooth it out by playing a play from Simon’s playbook. During the school’s Spring Fling, Benji realized that Derek was not for him. Victor also shared his true feelings and the two kissed passionately.

In a perfect world, Victor and Benji would be together in Love, Victor season 2. As the series has shown, Victor does not live in a perfect world. Whereas Simon realized that he was gay and ended his trip with a big romantic gesture in front of his friends and family who supported him. Victor is still in the early stages of accepting his identity. Benji seems patient, but it may not be so easy for Victor to get into a relationship. There will surely be other problems on the horizon, with his friendship with Mia as well as his family situation. It could therefore be difficult to quickly enter into a relationship when it comes out.

Will Mia end up with Andrew?

Mia has kept many pains from her past. Her mother abandoned her at a young age and her father, Harold, does not seem to be very present. Mia was insecure, but opened up to Victor. When Harold started dating Veronica, Mia took it the wrong way, and things got worse. Then the couple announced an imminent marriage and pregnancy. Due to Mia’s difficulties, Victor was slow to tell her the truth, wanting to allow her a good evening at the school ball. Mia, however, witnessed the kiss of Victor and Benji. And hiding the truth only made things worse.

It’s no surprise that Andrew was there for Mia. He had his eyes on Mia long before Victor got to Creekwood. And it turned out that the couple had a romantic past. Everything indicates that Mia and Andrew are getting closer now that her relationship with Victor is over. Andrew may be presented as the tyrant of the school. But he has been there for Mia several times. Over time, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Mia give her a real chance. The only real question is whether Mia will give Victor a chance to explain himself so that they can eventually befriend each other. Even if Victor is gay, he still cares about her.

Are Victor’s parents going to divorce?

Besides Victor’s struggles with his identity. The biggest secondary plot of Love, Victor Season 1 focused on the complicated relationship between Armando and Isabel. Over time, it was revealed that Isabel had cheated on her husband with Armando’s boss. Victor and Pilar discovered the secret before learning that this affair was one of the main reasons for the family’s move. As well as the tension between their parents. It was later discovered that Armando had assaulted his boss following this affair and had been dismissed. Although Isabel agreed to wear the hat for the move. It was actually Armando’s actions that led to the relocation.

AT the end of season 1 of Love, Victor, Armando and Isabel seemed to be on better terms. But that’s because they decided to split up. The move put a lot of stress on the family and their relationship was still not good. To consider the future, they decided it was better to take time to separate. It is not certain that separation ends in divorce. The news of Victor’s homosexuality may unite the family in a unique way. It could also give Armando and Isabel reason to question their personal happiness, which would separate them for good.

Explanation of the end of Love, Victor Season 1. How will his parents react?

Unlike the Spier family in Love, Simon. The Salazar family comes from a religious background which is not very liberal in its opinions. They love and care deeply for each other. But certain social subjects are not discussed very often. Victor was worried when Benji and Derek attended his birthday party and these concerns were justified. Victor’s grandfather was clearly embarrassed that two boys were a couple. Although Armando has revealed his support for the gay couple. He reversed the discussion by mentioning the fact that he hoped that his youngest son, Adrian, was not “like that”.

It was clear from the start that Victor’s journey out of the closet would not match Simon’s. There is no reason to believe that the Salazar family will not support Victor in time. But it could take them a while. They come from a different background and it may take them longer to feel comfortable with the revelation. No doubt more discussion and education will be needed. But hopefully it ends with full support. Grandparents, on the other hand, may need more time to digest the news.

After this end to rebound of Love, Victor Season 1. Not only will Victor have to deal with his family’s reactions, but he will also have to enter a new chapter in his life if he wants to be an openly gay young man. It will be one of the main themes of Love, Victor season 2, if the series is renewed.

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