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The Coisa Mais Linda Season 2 is available on Netflix in France ! The highlight of the end of season 2 of Coisa Mais Linda is the trial of Augusto. Eleonora Soares, who is counting on Augusto to resume her political career, takes a stand. In her testimony, she portrayed Ligia as a helpless, unfaithful woman who murdered her own baby. She also criticizes Malu, the “incapacitated mother” and owner of a club with light customs. For having played a role in the “corruption” of the Ligia. Augusto, whom she describes as an honest citizen, whose love for the Ligia led him to commit a crime of passion.

In the Brazilian patriarchal court, the testimony of Malu, Adélia and Ligia’s sister-in-law, Thereza, describing Augusto who beat and raped Ligia before killing her, is ignored. Augusto obtains four years of parole and he is released. What is significant in this trial is the way Nelson stands firmly on the side of the girls. Calling his brother a murderer and shaking off the toxic influence of their mother.

Even though Adélia and Thereza are separated because of Adélia’s decision to be with Nelson. Both appear to defend Ligia’s memory. But it is not certain that Thereza can forgive Adélia. Even if she goes ahead, finding a new love in the arms of her radio co-host Wagner, the opposite of Nelson.

Boredom continues after court

While Nelson is sullen and sensitive, Wagner is cheeky. But Wagner’s heart is in the right place and he’s not afraid to defend Thereza, unlike Nelson. After Ivone won the national singing competition. All the main characters celebrate his victory at the after-party in the presence of personalities from the city.

Augusto introduces himself with a girlfriend who looks like Ligia. Malu asks him to leave, but he tells her that “people love him” despite the radio show by Malu and Thereza. He also threatens to close his club once he is elected. Augusto then chooses to fight in public with his brother Nelson. Then he attacks Thereza, but he is warned by Wagner, who threatens to kill him if he dares to harm Thereza.

All kinds of other dramas also happen. Adélia tells Malu that she and Nelson move to Paris because she does not want her daughter to grow up with the same kind of racism. And the daily humiliation she experienced growing up. Malu is devastated to lose another friend so soon after Ligia’s death.

When Nelson announces the news to Thereza, she is furious that her dream of going to Paris with Nelson is diverted by Adélia and Nelson. Meanwhile, Chico is surprised by his fiancée, Sara, who is pregnant with him. Since Chico had never spoken of Sara, Malu is taken by surprise and ends the relationship with Chico.

Explanation of the end of Coisa Mais Linda Season 2

While all these micro dramas take place during the end of Season 2 of Coisa Mais Linda, suddenly there is a loud crash and customers look out of the hotel balcony to see Augusto’s body face down in the pool below them. As the camera focuses on Augusto’s floating body, we know that Season 3 will be tense. The next season will likely revolve around girls who are trying to save themselves and their loved ones from the suspicion of Augusto’s murder.

Malu has a motive because Augusto publicly threatened to close her club. To which she replied that if she is no longer afraid of him, he must be afraid of her. We can expect Pedro to take revenge by showing that Malu is not above hiring thugs to do his dirty work. By giving his own example of “cheating” outside of his club.

Nelson and Adélia’s plans for Paris will probably be postponed because Nelson will probably also be accused after the party fight. Finally, Wagner could also be in trouble for defending Thereza and threatening to kill Augusto. All of them, technically, have a motive for throwing Augusto off the hotel balcony and Eleanor will likely be asking for blood after the death of his favorite son. Malu and Thereza, in particular, are likely to face greater pressure as a result of their radio program defending Ligia.

It is interesting to speculate on the person who would kill Augusto in such a dramatic way. He could be a political rival who did not want him to return to power. But other than that, there are no other theories that hold water. What is certain is that season 3 will not be easy for any of the girls.

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