Explanation of the end! Joel, possession step etc.

Discover the explanation of the end of The Demon Inside, currently in theaters!

The cinemas have reopened and if you are there you are coming out of The Demon Inside. And you are probably looking for some explanations regarding the end ! We advise you to go see Bloodshot currently in theaters! You are in the right place. The mind can be so dangerous. We believe in what we see and hear. This is the truth of this world for us.

Then, suddenly, the mind collapses during a trauma and causes a mental disorder. What you see now is no longer the truth, but it is yours only. Are the shadows, the voices really there or are they a broken spirit trick? The story of The Demon Inside is that of Joel, a man who struggles to keep his son Mason with him.

What’s going on in The Demon Inside?

He works as a mechanic, regularly sees a therapist and has a babysitter to take care of his son when he has to go to work. With the little he has, he has managed to remain stable. But he has visions of demons that he believes are due to his schizophrenia. Joël tries to make his life work and when we see him explode with anger, his frustrations are palpable.

Then one day, the babysitter announces that she is leaving for university. Although she intends to help Joël, she barely gives him time to find another babysitter. She knew what a mess she was in for Joël, since he still didn’t have a stable enough job. So she leaves, but she notices something strange in Mason’s behavior.

Joël soon discovers that his son is behaving strangely and that things are moving on their own in the house. Meanwhile, the babysitter calls on a priest who has been dishonored by the media for killing children during his exorcisms. She is not too disturbed by this fact and tells him to intervene.

Who is the therapist and what are the stages of possession?

The father visits Joël and announces to him that his son is possessed. At the beginning, Joël was not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​letting the priest enter his house. But soon he gives in when he sees his son displaying characteristics of another world. He also calls in a doctor who monitors Mason. And reveals that she heard voices inside her son.

Joel allows them to practice an exorcism and his hallucinations intensify. The therapist visits him unexpectedly to check if Joel has treated his son well. When she sees what’s going on, she threatens to alert the authorities. Joël begs her and she asks him to accept his help. Joel agrees and that’s when the truth is revealed. The therapist is actually a demon.

There are three stages of possession. The first is for the demon to make its presence felt. What Joel does when he sees the hallucinations. The next step is for the demon to take possession. Joël became silent, strange and behaved differently. The third step was assent. Without that, the demon could not take Joel’s soul. When Joël benefited from the therapist’s help, he involuntarily agreed to be possessed.

Explanation of the end of The Demon Inside

The priests were not there for Mason but for Joël. During the exorcisms, they called him to stand by their side, but Joël was trapped by the therapist. In the end, the son also grew up and is likely to be possessed. It was an interesting story, and the execution was not slow. Sometimes movies about exorcism can be long and boring. Fortunately, we were spared these scenes and instead showed Joel’s struggle with what’s going on around him.

It’s sad that Joel couldn’t be helped. He was tricked and lost his soul. I wondered if the priest shouldn’t have told him in advance that he was the one in danger. Or else, the whole process consisted in Joël giving them his full consent to be saved. An interesting story, but a little depressing because indeed there are no other explanations than this one.

The film uses just enough tricks to entertain without ever really dazzling. Unfortunately, he also lost his way on the home stretch, stubbornly admitting that he hadn’t started well enough end to give up a detailed explanation. Ambitious and sufficiently terrifying, The Demon Inside is a satisfying possession film that does a great job of rocking the audience into its nightmare. It’s a bad ending film. If you came to get a explanation of the end of The Demon Inside happy, so sorry.

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