Explanation of the end! Final fight, Ellie’s future?

Discover the explanation of the end of The Last Of Us 2! How does the final fight end, what is Ellie’s future?

The Last of Us 2 is finally available in France! He draws an ellipse, leaving and arriving at two points in a devastating symmetry. On the first point, we find a vulgar demonstration of violence delivered without meaning. A cruel torture sequence for fans of the Naughty Dog story so far. A suffering test that the player must endure alongside their beloved heroine Ellie. With a end of The Last of Us 2 brutal and unshakable.

The original game offers us a brief diversion in the role of Ellie when Joël is seriously injured. A section that complicates the union of the two characters. A parental reversal that successfully feeds our investment in their survival. Joel and Ellie save each other and save themselves throughout the game. This adds significant complexity to their father-daughter dynamic. The Last of Us 2 also deals with fathers and daughters but, this time, the tensions of the post-apocalyptic world in the broad sense make this framework fall. Adding additional context to Joel’s original lie.

It is somewhat difficult to describe Abby and Ellie as two sides of the same coin. Because game is less interested in these direct echoes. These are just two very different young women who are desperately seeking revenge. Abby goes on an adventure with his young seraphim, Lev, his adoptive brother. While Ellie retires to a picturesque country farm to pursue domestic happiness with her girlfriend Dina and their newborn son, JJ. These are two new families who are moving forward.

What happens before the last part of The Last Of Us 2?

The preceding scenes and moments the end of The Last of Us 2 are tainted with discomfort and doubt. Here, Dina and Ellie’s baby is just another dreamlike setting amidst their golden and serene wheat field and breathtaking landscapes. But none of this is a dream. And Tommy who quickly goes to the property to explain how he finally smelled a track on their nemesis feels suitably vulgar.

There are a few points that should be emphasized about Ellie’s real situation in this part of the game. Why she chooses a return to violence, and how the tragedy that remains to endure is not positioned as mere misery for her -even. The Last of Us 2 is not a sadistic attack on the expression of friendship and original family. Let’s not forget that the first game was a tormented and macabre experience in itself, qualities which seem to be frequently overlooked in the light of certain idyllic memories. The Last Of us is a horrific story of bloodshed, tragedy, lies and loss. Despite the light given by the findings of the family found and the charm of the protagonists.

Ellie relives trauma and clicks

Tommy’s speech about Abby upsets Ellie, before he is firmly chased away and rebuked by Dina. She seeks to save the new loving family met on the farm. Dina is following the situation with common sense. Although they love Joel’s brother, Dina has already fulfilled her role as a trusted partner in passionate revenge, and even more. She first risked her life without asking questions, and her new motherhood is a deserved reward. This is her most important role, and she expects the same sense of priorities from Ellie.

Ellie returns a few sheep to the barn at sunset that evening. But a stray lamb curls up under a shovel leaning in the hay. On approach, the animal impulsively drops the tool, causing a noise that immediately brings Joel’s last moments of suffering back into Ellie’s mind. The barn door closes, plunging Ellie into the dark, until Dina ends up finding her partner who screams incoherently in the dark. While their son cries and screams, tied to Ellie’s body in a sling. JJ is fine, although he is shaken, but Ellie’s recovery of senses predicts what will happen. She will hit the road again to track down her nemesis, once and for all.

Some might read this moment as irrational, or as a sequence that describes a character unrealistically pursuing violence to close in the service of the premises of an action game. In truth, the circumstances in the barn show that confronting Joel’s murderer once more does not bypass logic and reason. Ellie fears he is a real threat to the child, prone to incoherent terror that endangers the safety of his son. Apparently motivated by the unreported murder of Joel. It’s not just a question of detail. Avenging Joel could be crucial to Ellie’s survival, and even JJ’s safety.

The next day, Dina confronts Ellie in the kitchen, insisting that she put it all behind her. What Ellie then finds it difficult to communicate. It’s because her journey doesn’t sound like a choice. She is forced to follow the trail, hoping to rid their families of these unpredictable and potentially dangerous nightmares. From her point of view, Ellie may never really be a mother until that is done. And so she puts all of her potential happiness in danger.

Unfortunately, the story of The Last of Us 2 cannot end with a postcard of life in the country. As an actor, it’s probably more than heartbreaking, and it was the kind of thing that plagued early critics. The Last of Us 2 doesn’t offer players a choice, but Ellie doesn’t feel like one either.

Ellie lets Abby go

After a brutal fight that most players would like to interrupt or prevent. Ellie’s violent quest is over. It is not resolved by a triumphant defeat counted for either side. Although the damage is visibly significant and blood is flowing on the coast. Abby even bites two of Ellie’s fingers before being strangled, beaten, stabbed and almost drowned. And yet, at the end, the two women are still alive to separate.

Rather than a bittersweet highlight, the final action sequence of The Last of Us 2 just looks bitter, period. Ellie and Abby have both faced the most extreme limits of their endurance to violence and suffering. But each of them has reasons to continue, the most vital aspect they can identify with: family. This may have been what slowed Ellie’s hand, how the defeat of his final target didn’t have to end in murder to be complete. Ellie may be thinking of Dina and their child on this distant farm.

A vision of love and trust, betrayed and distant now but intimately remembered. Abby, after suffering unspeakable torment as a slave captured by the ruthless opportunist Rattlers, put Lev’s body, close to death, in safety in a boat to escape.

This is the real echo: the family we choose to live for. Despite any risk or uncertainty. As with many things, it is the details that may have united Abby and Ellie in another story. Where their destinies are not constantly at odds. For two main characters, there is incredibly little that is said between them.

Even in the final battle, which leaves us to pontificate endlessly on the question of whether the conflict could have been resolved with less difficulty. AT the end, Abby sets out to find peace and purpose for herself and Lev that are neither guaranteed nor consistent in the narrative, and Ellie returns home with lingering doubts about her departure. The future of the two families is not promised, but only one is observed at the end of The Last of Us 2.

What did this end fight cost?

When Ellie finally returns to the farm, most people don’t think her empty cave is a surprise. Dina cannot tolerate a partner being ready to run away from family responsibilities in the morning. Whatever its purpose, and it’s hard to believe Ellie expected the opposite. While walking in the sanctuary of her studio, the player notices that here, in the house. And only here remains any sense of character or proof of belonging to a past. It’s the only pristine, furnished space Dina left behind.

There are several moments in the game where Ellie lifts a guitar to play, train and even perform for others. She searches and plays the chords she knows … but now they don’t sound the same anymore. They are cut, fractured, damaged or even incomplete.

Ellie lost most of two fingers of his left hand to Abby in the fight end of The Last Of Us 2. What is left has apparently healed on the way home. But that does not allow her to fully master the instrument as she has learned so far. It’s a quiet but brutal moment in a strong and brutal story, delivering the final blow with piercing sincerity. Revenge and rage corrupt and irreparably distort those who deliver the charge.

the last of us 2 end

Explanation of the end of The Last Of Us 2, future of Ellie?

Yet the most poignant echo of Ellie’s guitar is his direct connection to Joel. One day he gave her the same instrument and taught her to play it. He’s been gone for a long time now, but the lessons and the artifact remain. The potential for growth and creative progress beyond one’s own breath. At this precise moment, alone in what was once her haven of peace. Ellie may have completely lost this last ethereal bond.

But this is a condemned interpretation. Whether Ellie knew it or not, she could regain her ability to play music. One of the most famous and important guitarists of all time was Django Reinhardt. He overcame a burn injury that maimed his hand by inventing a new stylistic approach, which is still revered today. Ellie may now be physically transformed. But there is nothing to indicate that she cannot or will not adapt and recover, let alone partially.

Of course, we know that Ellie doubts herself, and the end of The Last of Us 2 can hardly be called an optimist on the surface. This is because we see her leaving the guitar behind, along with most of her personal belongings. As she sets off for unknown, undescribed, possibly infected roads, beyond.

Will Ellie return to Jackson County? You never know exactly where it is going, one way or another, but that is doubtful. Tommy may or may not have returned and may be dead. Killed by the Rattlers or the infected on the road, and it is likely that his ex-wife Maria would not appreciate the sight of Ellie returning to the doors. The pursuit of his mission caused irreparable damage to his family. And probably made her completely alone.

In the end, there is no eye for an eye, and any apparent symmetry in justice is a feverish illusion that cannot be trusted. It is likely that Ellie understood this in the final confrontation with Abby, which was more than a rescue and a rescue. There is no great balance of the scale. Just the desperation to keep intact the few precious things that we have left.

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