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Users TIM Beta should keep an eye on next month. The operator will reformulate the portfolio in August, with the promise of more benefits to the customer and to remain an aggressive option for the digital public. Adherence to the plan will also be made more flexible, but will continue with the strategy member get member, with invitations by base users.

THE Tecnoblog talked to João Stricker, Head of Marketing Consumer at TIM. The executive states that TIM Beta continues to have high demand in the operator’s portfolio and maintains a loyal clientele, but understands that the product needs to evolve. In addition to TIM Beta, the operator will also reformulate the prepaid TIM Pré Top in August.

Currently, TIM Beta is one of the most cost-effective plans considering the amount of internet: for R $ 55, the monthly package delivers 10 GB of internet (or 20 GB for those who meet challenges), in addition to minutes of calls and subscription Deezer’s premium.

For a long time, the plan was the best option for those who need a lot of mobile internet: when the monthly package was launched, it was common to find plans of a maximum of 500 MB per month in prepaid, while a plan with 10 GB cost more than R $ 250 in postpaid. Time has passed and other operators have presented options that also suit the same usage profile, such as Vivo Easy or Claro Flex.

TIM Beta should include more content

In order for TIM Beta to remain relevant, Stricker promises more content embedded in the plan: “The idea is that TIM Beta remains an aggressive plan, but without competing in the cost per gigabyte. We include Babbel [app para aprender idiomas] in February, feedbacks were positive and we should continue on this path, ”says the CMO in an exclusive interview with Tecnoblog.

Competition in the cost per gigabyte is one of the main points discarded in the restructuring of TIM Brasil. Trying to position itself as an operator premium, there were several times when company executives revealed to the market that they no longer want to compete for the amount of internet, but for the service focused on customer service.

TIM will ease adherence to the Beta

We asked the executive about the invitations strategy and how advantageous it is for TIM. Beta is a product with high average cost per user, since the monthly fee is R $ 55 and exceeds the traditional prepaid and even some control plans.

Stricker says that there will be a flexibilization for adhesion, but that TIM wants to keep the Beta as a restricted plan for the more digital, young audience, with specific interests and that it will continue to be an option that does not meet the expectations of all cell phone users: “Beta is not a plan for everyone. It makes little sense for a non-digital user to use the plan, as it has all the gaming mission-based ”.

A possible opening in adhesions could cause mass migration, which would hinder the operator’s finances: “I have a lot of pre-customers who want to become Beta, but I have a post-paid customer who wants to become Beta too,” said the executive.

In restructuring the plan, the operator reveals that more categories will be launched in the TIM Beta score. There are currently three levels in the Blablablameter: Beta Basic, Beta and Beta Lab. The first option is open to any membership, without the need for an invitation; whoever wins the necessary points evolves into the restricted categories, which include more internet and other benefits.

Removing voice calls on WhatsApp

TIM was the first company to not discount WhatsApp call data in 2018. At the time, the operator stated that using VoIP would save R $ 0.05 per call due to interconnection costs. However, the company changed the regulations and removed the benefit from all plans.

I asked what has changed since 2018. Stricker says that “a lot”: costs have changed and the traditional voice has also evolved, with VoLTE with a higher quality than the traditional service. He also states that the operator takes into account the use of application data in the formulation of plans, and that he prefers to give the user the option of using the internet as he prefers.

By the way, this change can already be found in postpaid, which was reformulated and ended the exclusive video franchise. “I prefer that the customer use the package as he wants,” he says. For R $ 109.90, the post-paid entry has 15 GB of free internet for any use; previously, the plan with the same value delivered 8 GB of data and 8 GB exclusive for use with Netflix, YouTube, Looke, Cartoon Network Já and Esporte Interativo Plus.

Still, the portfolio continues to include unlimited data for social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We question whether the operator intends to follow the same path, removing the zero rating and increasing the main data deductible: “It is possible that in the future we will have more gigs and let the customer use as they wish”, he says.

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