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Oi had revealed that it would start a 1 Gb / s internet pilot at Oi Fibra, but did not disclose prices at the time. O Tecnoblog received exclusive information and reveals that gigabit speed broadband costs up to R $ 649.90 per month. The plan is initially available in two cities and includes a mesh router.

Modem used by Oi Fibra (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

A source who works at Oi and prefers to remain anonymous had access to the plans. The pilot contemplates Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the municipality of Petrópolis. Prices are different between regions.

These are Oi Fibra’s plans of 1 Gb / s in the pilot:

Package Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro Petrópolis (RJ)
Oi Total Play
Internet Oi Fibra 1 Gb / s
Unlimited landline
R $ 449.90 per month R $ 649.90 per month
Oi Total Residencial
Internet Oi Fibra 1 Gb / s
Total HD TV with Telecine or HBO and 1 additional point
Unlimited landline
R $ 649.90 per month R $ 849.90 per month

The amounts are valid for payment with automatic debit. Adhesion to plans with 1 Gb / s broadband has been available since December 16, 2021, with contracting allowed until January 31, 2021. All packages include access to Oi Play with the Oi Collection, Oi Leitura, Oi Notícias, Oi Sport Magazine and Oi Expert Remote.

The source also reveals that, at least for now, the 1 Gb / s broadband pilot is only available for new customers, making it impossible to migrate current Oi Fibra users. Membership can only be done through Oi stores in these locations and is not available on telesales.

The upload speed has not been revealed, but it will hardly be symmetrical considering that the service is provided via GPON – this technology has a 1.25 Gb / s bandwidth. upstream shared with up to 64 customers. In 2021 Oi will activate the XGSPON technology, and this will allow the operator to increase the upload capacity.

It is important to remember that these prices refer to the pilot of the 1 Gb / s plan. The official launch may have different values ​​than practiced during the testing period.

Is it worth having 1 Gb / s of internet for that amount?

Considering that a gigabit broadband is effectively useful for use with multiple simultaneous devices, it is cheaper to hire two 500 Mb / s Oi Fibra accesses for R $ 149.90 per month each and plug both modems into a load balanced router, adding the total capacity to 1 Gb / s.

It is worth remembering that no other major competitor offers broadband with gigabit speed for individuals:

  • THE Claro / NET offers cable internet with a download speed of 500 Mb / s and 25 Mb / s of upload with a monthly price of R $ 449.99
  • THE Vivo Fibra recently reduced the monthly fee of the plan by 300 Mb / s download and 150 Mb / s upload for residential users by R $ 129.90 monthly; for legal entities, the 1 Gb / s plan with 500 Mb / s upload is sold for R $ 999.99 per month
  • THE TIM Live Ultrafibra has broadband with 400 Mb / s download and 200 Mb / s upload for the monthly fee of R $ 127.50, upon payment in automatic debit.

Oi Fiber 1 Gb / s has mesh router included

As previously announced by Oi, the plan also includes Wi-Fi mesh. At least in the pilot, the installation is done by the customer himself, who will receive the equipment through a courier within five days after installing the broadband. The number of mesh units was not disclosed.

O Tecnoblog contacted Oi to confirm if the prices are real, what values ​​will be charged after the end of the pilot, what is the reason for the difference in monthly fees between Rio de Janeiro and Petrópolis and what is the amount of mesh equipment included in the package 1 Gb / s. The operator did not respond until the story was published.

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