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After a long time without major news, the TIM Beta has been reformulated: the plan now has an internet package dedicated to TikTok, Instagram, Netflix and YouTube, in addition to an exclusive 4G franchise for use during the night. However, not all changes are good: Deezer Premium leaves the game and those who spend a long time without reloading will be demoted to TIM Pré Top.

New TIM Beta continues with up to 20 GB of franchise, but will have bonuses at dawn (Image: Reproduction / Site TIM)

Available from December 16, 2020, the new TIM Beta no longer has a daily or weekly billing model, focusing on the monthly format. The price remains the same, at R $ 60 per month. Another difference is in the categories: Basic ceases to exist, and the user enters the Beta directly; when meeting the challenges of the Blablablameter, the line is upgraded to Lab and Lab +.

Internet franchises remain the same, but there are two big news:

  • the app franchise ranges from 4 GB to 8 GB, depending on the category, for use with Instagram, TikTok, Netflix and YouTube;
  • the Dawn Bonus is for any internet use, with 30 GB in the standard plan and unlimited data in the Lab category+.
Category Internet franchise Franchise apps Early Morning Bonus
Beta 10 GB 4 GB 30 GB
Lab 20 GB 6 GB 60 GB
Lab + 20 GB 8 GB Unlimited

Another novelty is that TIM Beta finally has unlimited calls for any operator. In the previous plan, there was a limitation of 600 minutes in the Beta category and 2,000 minutes in the Beta Lab. The plan continues with WhatsApp without discounting the franchise, in addition to the Babbel, Skeelo and TIM Banca Virtual apps.

The bonus of C6 Bank continues: who makes recharges of R $ 60 or more using the digital bank guarantees another 4 GB of internet to use during the month.

How does the new TIM Beta work?

The mechanics of TIM Beta received major changes. The operator continues to bet on the Blablablameter, which allows gamify the plan, but details of the upgrade to the Lab or Lab + category have not yet been revealed.

The game cycle continues for three months, but it will now start after joining. The operator says that each category will have its own challenges, such as watching videos promoted by TIM or engagement actions on social networks.

To stay as a Lab or Lab + it is necessary to keep the plan renewal up to date. If the customer hired the plan on the 15th, for example, he has until the 20th of the following month to make a new recharge of R $ 60; otherwise, it will be downgraded to the previous category.

TIM clarifies that current customers will not have automatic migration to the new TIM Beta. For this, it is necessary to update the application, which will be available on the App Store and Google Play from December 16. Those who do not change the plan will continue with the old TIM Beta, without the application franchise and without the possibility of switching to the Beta Lab.

Another important change is that those who stay three months without recharging will be downgraded to TIM Pré Top. In this case, the plan worsens considerably: in addition to the smaller internet package, the customer loses the app franchise.

In order to become TIM Beta, it is necessary to receive an invitation from a plan user with a Lab or Lab + category or meet the adhesion challenge: the interested party must use the TIM Pré Top, register in the TIM Beta application and make digital R $ 30 or more for four months.

Without Deezer in the new TIM Beta

An important absence in the new TIM Beta is TIM Music by Deezer. The music streaming application was included in previous plans and is not present in the current portfolio.

O Tecnoblog talked to João Stricker, head of marketing at TIM. He explains that old TIM Beta users will have Deezer guaranteed for at least six months, and that the operator is looking for a way to put the streaming service within the plan.

As a result, only TIM Black postpaid plans now include streaming services. Those who want to subscribe to Deezer Premium separately must pay R $ 16.90 per month.

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