Ex-Menpora Imam Nahrawi will face trial today

Jakarta, IDN Times – The fate of the ex-Menpora legal status of Imam Nahrawi will be a bright flag in the verdict hearing held on Monday (29/6). In the prosecution hearing conducted on (12/6), the public prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) demanded that Imam be jailed for 10 years because he was proven to have received a bribe worth Rp11.5 billion and gratuity of Rp.8.6 billion. Not to mention the prosecutor also requested that the panel of judges give verdicts in the form of Rp19.1 billion in compensation and a Rp500 million fine.

When confirmed to the Acting KPK spokesman, Ali Fikri, he did not dismiss the Imam’s verdict hearing held today.

“Right, today Monday, according to the trial schedule is the verdict of the panel of judges on the case on behalf of the defendant Imam Nahrawi,” Ali said via a short message today.

He also hoped the panel of judges would consider all legal facts such as the juridical analysis of the KPK prosecutor in his lawsuit.

“Then it states that the defendant is guilty of the sentence according to the prosecutor’s demands which have been read and submitted at the trial,” he said again.

What are the facts that have been revealed at the trial?

1. The prosecutor said that Imam was proven to have received gratuities valued at Rp8.6 billion, which were used for home design and buying clothes

(Ex-Menpora Imam Nahrawi when reading the memorandum of defense) BETWEEN PHOTOS / Nova Wahyudi

In addition to bribery, Imam called the prosecutor also received gratuities worth Rp8,648,435,682. In the trial of Imam’s personal assistant, Miftahul Ulum, it was found that the gratuity money was used to pay for home designs to purchase clothes for the former Menpora.

“A total of Rp2 billion was used as a payment for architectural design consultants from the Office of Budipradono Architecs from Lina Nurhasanah (former Treasurer of the Expenditures of the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports Program) which was sourced from Satlak Prima’s budget money,” said KPK prosecutor, Titto Jaelani on (1/30) ago.

At that time, the contract entered into by an architect consultant with Imam’s wife, Shohibah Rohman, was Rp700 million. But, later, Shohibah also asked for an interior and boutique design cafe in the Kemang area, South Jakarta.

According to prosecutors, the budget needed to renovate evidence and cafes worth Rp300 million. Meanwhile, for interior design services, Rp. 90 million.

In addition, gratuity money received through Ulum is also used to pay for Imam’s various personal needs, ranging from breaking the fast together at official offices, Imam’s attire, F1 entrance ticket for the Ministry of Youth and Sports on March 19-20 2016 to paying credit card bills in the name of Ulum himself.

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2. Imam also requested that the KPK designate Taufik Hidayat as a suspect

Ex-Menpora Imam Nahrawi will face trial today World badminton legend from Indonesia, Taufik Hidayat. Twitter / @ bwfmedia

Imam also asked the investigators of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to take part in setting up a former national badminton player, Taufik Hidayat, as a suspect in a bribery case. Because, according to Imam, Taufik, who was also mentioned by name in the courtroom, also received bribes worth Rp1 billion. However, Taufik claimed that the money would be handed over to the former National Awakening Party (PKB) politician.

In the trial that was held virtually, Imam said he did not know anything about the Rp1 billion in funds received by Taufik. He also claimed he had never ordered that the gold medalist for the Athens Olympics hand over bribe money to him.

“Likewise, about the Rp1 billion received by Taufik Hidayat. I reiterate that I have never ordered, let alone asked anyone, but it turns out that he allocated himself without a written agreement,” Imam said as written in a 20-letter defense memorandum. page.

He also assumed that if he did not know anything about receiving illicit money, he was declared a suspect by KPK investigators, why Taufik was treated differently.

“Supposedly if forced into a bribery case, logically Taufik Hidayat also becomes a bribery suspect as an intermediary. Regardless of whether he understands or not, the money should be used and dikemanakan,” he said again.

3. Imam Nahrawi requested that the panel of judges release him from all demands of the KPK prosecutor

Ex-Menpora Imam Nahrawi will face trial today (Ex-Menpora Imam Nahrawi) BETWEEN PHOTOS / Reno Esnir

While in the trial continued with the agenda of reading the memorandum of defense, Imam also asked prosecutors and KPK investigators to follow up the names that were revealed during the trial. They were also suspected of taking part in taking bribes from the KONI Central grant.

“I beg the KPK and prosecutors investigators to immediately follow up on the evil conspiracy in KONI so that there will be no more victims like me,” Imam said.

He also asked the judges to release him from all the demands of the KPK’s public prosecutor. The former politician from the National Awakening Party (PKB) also requested that his good name and dignity be restored as he was dragged into the bribery case.

“I beg to be freed from all the demands of the prosecutor general of the KPK. I also want to continue serving in the battlefield and continue to strive for the achievement of the country soaring high and make Indonesia proud as an Asian tiger,” he said.


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