Everything You Need to know About Mobile Applications 2023


Almost all users who have the idea of ​​creating a successful mobile application dream of having that perfect idea that a good number of users are needing and that no one has been able to satisfy yet.

However, many of these people are faced with a great challenge, high, because although they may have a great idea, they do not know how to proceed to put it into practice.

The creation of an app that can become successful implies a rigorous analysis of a good number of variables such as optimization, design, promotion, or construction if a detailed study is not carried out and a series of measures are not correctly implemented. fundamental aspects, it will be difficult for this app to be an app in demand.

In this article, I show you concisely the fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when creating a mobile application.

Cover needs

If you want to create an application for mobile phones, the first thing you need to establish is what needs or solutions you are going to give to its users with your application.

Successful app developers have done so because they have been able to efficiently solve those problems simply.

In general, all products and services have been created to satisfy a need, and the world of mobile applications works in the same way.

Set a goal

Undoubtedly the best thing that a mobile application can do is to find a niche in the market by solving a specific problem.

However, before reaching this point, it is important to define concisely and clearly what your application is going to do, what or what are the main objectives, what specific problem it intends to solve or what need it is going to fulfill.

In this sense, it is vital to draw a clear objective for the mobile application, doing this from the beginning will make the development of the app faster, it will also help improve its profitability.

Research the market

Doing market research is always very useful, thanks to this you can know if there is a real demand for the mobile application instead of blindly launching into the adventure.

To validate your idea, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool, looking for the number of users who search for a solution to a specific problem through keywords.

Another option is to do an analysis of the app stores, this will allow you to see which applications are having success in the market and what is the nature of those problems that they are solving.

Develop the app

When you are sure that you have a clear idea and once you are sure that your mobile application is in demand, it is precious that you register as a developer on a platform to develop your app, you can choose between Windows Phone, iOS or Android.

Depending on what is pursued with the development of a mobile application, you will choose one platform or another.

However, it must be known that in iOS users are more inclined to make app purchases, in any case the lesson also depends on the market where we want to position the app.

Regarding the choice of the platform, it is also important to know that Apple has very strict regulations, non-compliance can cause them to reject the application, so it is vitally important to read the terms and conditions.

The phase of choosing the platform is essential, since choosing one or the other can be decisive for the application to be a success or a failure, so it is something that should not be done lightly.

For this reason, it is necessary to verify that the platform is capable of fully developing your project. The user who wants to create a mobile application can also contact specialized companies that have qualified developers on their staff with extensive experience when it comes to develop apps.

Make sketches

When making sketches the bases for the interface are laid, in this part of the process you have to be able to visually conceptualize the layout, the characteristics and the structure of the application.

These sketches of the app help to understand the objective of the app, since said sketch will be used as a reference in the following phases of the project.

Programs such as Photoshop can be used to make this sketch, although it can also be written on paper, this is not the important thing, the essential thing is that through the sketch the developer forms a clear idea of ​​the mobile application that he intends to create. .

In this phase of the project it is very useful to look at other applications that are already on the market, since they can be very indicative when establishing the type of project.

In the event that a user who wants to create an application delegates the work to a mobile application developer, it is also very helpful for the user to show already created applications that can serve the developer as a reference for the creation of the app.

Create Storyboard and Wireframe

During the creation of the Storyboard and the Wireframe, the main characteristics of the application become clearer, in short, Wireframing, a process through which a model is created.

Developers have at their disposal online tools for prototyping applications, the most used are HotGloo, Balsamiq or Moqups.

These tools allow you to structure data and representative graphs and add functionality by placing buttons so you can navigate through your application.

When you work with wireframes, you also have to start a storyboard of the application.

Set the backend

The storyboard and wireframes are now the basis of the back end structure, to complete this phase you have to draw a sketch of the data diagrams, servers and APIs.

This is a very useful reference for the developer of the application, also as more users are added you will have a diagram that explains the entire mobile application, so you don’t have to do it from the beginning.

It is important to create wireframes and storyboards in accordance with technical limitations, if any.

Check app

In this phase it is very useful to ask for the opinion of third parties, use wireframes to ask your friends what they think of your applicationfor mobile, you should also not pass up the opportunity to ask an expert for their opinion if you get the chance.

Do not be afraid to check your application, ask these people for an honest opinion, this will help you identify failures that you had not noticed.

Monitor how they use the app, taking notes of the user’s actions and adapt the user interface to them, you should be aware that the objective is to narrow down the concept of the mobile application before fully entering the design process, In this way, you will anticipate problems that are more difficult to solve in the design phase.

Build the backend

When the creator has already defined the nature of the application, it is then when he starts working on the back end of the system.

The developer of a mobile application in the stage of building the back-end, has to do things like configure databases, APIs and storage solutions.

In this phase it is also very important to register developer accounts in the app stores that are chosen for the development of the application.











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