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relax with the onset of summer vacation Europe’s states their strict corona travel restrictions. But happiness is not perfect. The EU commission remember to recommend to their member countries american tourists two EU diplomats reveal that they will no longer be allowed to enter the continent. The reason is the sharp increase in corona case numbers (recently 32,000 in a day) in the United States.

The president’s laissez-faire policy Donald Trump would have a massive impact. The head of government had even suggested testing less so as not to increase the number of cases. Chief virologist Anthony Fauci but does not want to comply with it. And the head of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says a startling sentence: “Covid-19 has brought the nation to its knees.”

Trump wanted to test less so as not to increase the number of cases. Chief virologist Anthony Fauci is against it.

What the Americans are for Europe, they are Gutersloher for the Federal Republic. A couple from the East Westphalian district who used the virus extractor Tonies Meat processing plant resident, had to leave the Baltic Sea island of Usedom. Bavarian hotels are also on the Anti-Gütersloh trip. In contrast, only a document about a negative corona test helps, only then is the guest from Gütersloh or Warendorf welcome – places for which a lockdown now applies. Tragic for the Westphalia, which Heinrich Heine once praised: “I have always loved them, the, dear, good Westphalia, a people, so sure, so firm, so faithful, without any wear and tear or bragging rights.”

Now comes the big announcement of the Horst Seehofer against the “taz” columnist Hengameh Yaghoobifarah? Follows a foolish, misguided satire about police officers who actually belonged to the landfill, an even more foolish broadside of the Federal Interior Minister against the Freedom of the press? Seehofer even had a connection between the Disinhibition of the word and the disinhibition of the deeds made in Stuttgart. Just as if the “taz” was regular reading of the smoking garden garden scene.

That the Chancellor Angela Merkel Wanting to dissuade her confused minister from filing a criminal complaint makes it a political process. Buckling or pulling through? Horst Seehofer has maneuvered himself into a cul-de-sac from which you can only get out as a loser.

If like in a Dax group Wirecard suddenly dissolve almost two billion euros in air, then it’s worth an arrest warrant against the CEO. But then the Austrian Markus Braunwho volunteered against five million euros Bail was allowed to come again is a bigger surprise.

This would only be understandable with active help in the investigation – the ex-board Jan Marsalek , against which an arrest warrant would probably also have to be issued. The man is currently said to be traveling in the Philippine capital and supposedly want to get relief documents there, reports the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”: Thrilla in Manila.

Holiday guests who come from the Gütersloh district are currently not welcome in other parts.

The global investor is really upset about the Wirecard scandal Soft bench of the Japanese Masayoshi Son. The fake institute from Aschheim near Munich jeopardizes its own reputation, which is already “in tatters” after some bad investments. Sons finance company made the formation of Doctor Braun really socially acceptable in 2019 when she joined Wirecard. Ultimately, it was apparently the Softbank people who persisted CEO Braun’s resistance to one Special test have broken.

“Hi Markus,” it says in a letter before us, “for the sake of simplicity, we have listed below the procedure that you and the board of directors urgently need to examine.” KPMG active – and noted that a billion euros in sales with a third party in Abu Dhabi was not provable. Sometimes disaster takes its course with a little note.

For Bayer was the purchase of the controversial US seed company Monsanto a costly thing. $ 63 billion was due immediately two years ago, and now, after lengthy legal disputes, another eight to ten billion euros are due. That’s how much the CEO costs Werner Baumann the comparison with the many Glyphosate plaintiffsthat blame the weed killer for cancer. The Bayer Supervisory Board will vote on an existing signature-ready agreement in the coming days, we refer in our cover story. The dispute is over, the image problem remains.

At the July 1 the grants of the Corona stimulus package reach the companies. But what do they really bring? What is to be considered? You can find out more about this on Friday, June 26, from 2 p.m. live at the Digital Edition of the Handelsblatt conference “The economic stimulus package in practice”. Among other things, the SPD boss Norbert Walter-Borjans, the head of the tax department of the Federal Ministry of Finance Rolf Möhlenbrock, as well as the tax experts from Germans Lufthansa, Continental and the Black group. Would you like to join in the discussion? Then write to me by 10 a.m. on Thursday morning, I have put in ten tickets for you.

Corona scandal for the world’s best Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. Too much was celebrated on his “Adria Tour”, now he has become infected.

(Photo: AFP)

And then there’s the Serb Novak Djokovic, the world’s best tennis player who, together with other stars, is causing a major corona scandal. At one co-organized by Djokovic “Adria Tour” had cheerfully played and celebrated – with the result that the champion along with three other players infected Has. His wife and other people in the area were also tested positive. That was a “horror show”, says the double player Bruno Soares.

Djokovic himself explains that he is so “extremely sorry that our tournament did such damage. It was too early. ”This serve ended up clearly out of bounds.

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