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The gaming platform Core arrived today (15) at the Epic Games Store. With a proposal similar to Roblox, the application is free and works as a virtual world in which it is possible to develop, share and play games online with other people. In addition, creators can include microtransactions in published titles and earn money. For a while, Core is in the early access phase on PCs and has no release date for the final version.

Core is a gaming platform from Epic Games (Image: Press Release / Epic Games)

Core is a gaming platform from Epic Games (Image: Press Release / Epic Games)

Developed by Manticore Games, Core allows anyone to create their own games on the platform using Epic Games’ graphics engine, Unreal Engine – the same Fortnite. Once created, the game can be shared and accessed by other users freely within a shared virtual world.

The platform has been in the alpha testing phase since March 2020, but was granted access to everyone on Thursday (15). Core already has more than 20 thousand games created, including team shooting games, platform games, puzzles, RPGs, among others.

The idea of ​​Manticore Games is to facilitate not only the development of games, but also their monetization. In addition to making available on the platform several pre-programmed elements of Unreal Engine, such as constructions, objects, sounds and animations, the company promises that it is not necessary to know how to program to produce a game in Core.

Creators can use these graphics engine features however they want. During development, it will be possible to create cosmetic items or even monthly subscription systems for games, which can be sold in microtransactions for real money. According to Manticore Games, game owners will receive 50% of the amount raised in Core.

Core game development (Image: Disclosure / Epic Games)

Core game development (Image: Disclosure / Epic Games)

Game creators in Core will be able to earn money

Core works very similarly to Dreams, another game development platform available on the PS4. However, the Epic Games app allows creators to earn money from their titles. This strategy is more similar to the view in Roblox, in which it is also possible to profit from the games created.

In case of Roblox, the developer does not pay creators directly. To make money, producers must include microtransactions within their games via Robux, the platform’s virtual currency. When a user purchases an item, the amount in Robux is transferred to the game owner, who can exchange the resource for real money.

It is important to say that it is not so simple to make money from Roblox. Only members of the DevEx program can include microtransactions in games. In addition, it is necessary to comply with several tax obligations to make the exchange of Robux. The rules and requirements for becoming a DevEx are on the platform’s official website.

Epic Games has not yet detailed the monetization processes for games published in Core. The company, however, has already said that the creators will receive half of the profit they collect with microtransactions. The rest of the money will be split between Epic and Manticore Games.

Roblox becomes case of Procon in São Paulo (Image: Disclosure / Roblox)

Roblox (Image: Press Release / Roblox)

Epic Games will compete with Roblox in the market

Core’s strategy is to participate in a market that currently has no competition. The company Roblox debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in March this year and exceeded US $ 45 billion (R $ 253 billion) in market value on the same day. In comparison, Epic Games is valued at “only” $ 29 billion (R $ 163 billion).

With the arrival of Core, it is possible for some independent developers to migrate from platform due to Unreal Engine. The graphics engine is used by major studios and is present in several recent games, such as Fortnite, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Gears 5 and Valorant.

The advantage of Roblox, however, is the availability on platforms other than PCs, such as Android and iPhone phones (iOS) and Xbox consoles. For a while, Core it’s just in the Epic Games Store, on computers.

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