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Apple and Epic Games entered an online battle, but outside the games, on Thursday afternoon (13), on account of Fortnite. The title of Battle Royale has been removed from the iOS device store after violating Apple’s guidelines – which is also being sued by the producer. Understand what happened and what it all entailed:

The price fight

It all started because of the new payment method that Epic launched for Fortnite, with the promotion “Mega Drop”. The company has reduced the cost of V-Bucks, the game’s currency, by 20% permanently. On mobile devices, to take advantage of the discount it was necessary to buy directly from the producer.

The problem is that it goes against the App Store’s terms of use. To sell any content within the app, the developer is required to pay a 30% fee to Apple for each transaction – selling on the outside, Epic would be circumventing the charge.

Epic challenges Apple with Fortnite; game has been removed from the iOS store / Playback / Felipe Vinha

Precisely because of this charge, in the past, some developers removed the possibility to purchase internal content in applications, such as Comixology, which sells comics online.

Removal and provocation

As a result of violating the App Store rules, the Fortnite game was removed from the online store shortly afterwards. Whoever has the game installed on any iOS device can still play, however. New users were unable to download.

In addition, when the next season is released, anyone who has the game installed on iOS will not be able to play, as it will be impossible to update through the App Store.

At the same time, Epic Games announced that it was filing a lawsuit against Apple for bringing its game back to its smartphone online store. At the same time, a commercial was released within Fortnite as an additional provocation.

The commercial is a parody of a video by Apple itself, released in 1984, when the company announced its Macintosh computer. In the Fortnite version, the following is said:

Epic Games challenged the APp Store monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is locked Fortnite on a billion devices. Join the fight to prevent 2020 from becoming ‘1984’

The provocation also makes reference to the book 1984, by author George Orwell, who spoke about a dystopian society, controlled in all aspects by a great entity, the Big Brother. This was also the message of the original Apple commercial, which at the time criticized IBM’s monopoly on computers.

What Apple says

As of this writing, Fortnite was still banned from the App Store, while Epic asked its fans to spread the hashtag #FreeFortnite (LibereFortnite) on social networks. An official website for the campaign was also opened: Free Fortnite.

Apple sent a statement to the website The Verge, in which he said, in short, that he intends to work with Epic to resolve the breach case, but that he does not intend to create any kind of “special agreement” for the company that owns the game.

On Google Play, the Android version of Fortnite remains accessible to everyone, although it is also possible to install the game without the need for the online store. Versions for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Epic Games Store and GeForce Now also remain on the air, normally.

But anyone who accesses Fortnite that is already installed on an iPhone, for example, can still buy V-Bucks by two methods: via the App Store or directly with Epic Games.

Interestingly, in Brazil, the price of 1 thousand V-Bucks is R $ 37.90, while, in dollar terms, it costs US $ 8, called “promotion price”, by Epic. When converted to R $, according to the current dollar rate this Thursday, the value exceeds R $ 40.

Epic challenges Apple with Fortnite; game has been removed from the iOS store / Playback / Felipe Vinha

With information: The Verge

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