enjoy your audio-video content without limits with this incredible all-terrain projector

With The Freestyle, an amazing mobile projector, Samsung offers you the opportunity to better enjoy all your video content by displaying it wherever you want and embellished with astonishing 360-degree sound.

At CES in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled The Freestyle at the start of the year, a novelty that is both fascinating and intriguing. Far from being yet another mini-projector, this device with its unique and compact design is designed to follow you every day in all your activities. It can be transformed in turn into a giant screen, a smart TV, an audio speaker or an ambient diffuser mixing sound and image.

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The magic of a clever and compact design

The Freestyle takes on the appearance of a small cylindrical connected speaker, with a sleek design, easily transportable in a bag and weighing only 800 grams. This clever device only needs an electrical outlet to operate. Just plug it in, with the supplied USB-C cable, to use it wherever you want, including outdoors (a battery will complete the ecosystem very soon). Enjoy the joys of watching movies at the campsite! Carried by a base that allows it to be easily placed on the ground and oriented on a 180-degree axis The Freestyle offers impeccable ergonomics that adapts to all environments. With a simple gesture, it can be tilted to go from a display from the bottom of a wall to the ceiling.

samsung the freestyle

A stunning image without tedious adjustment

The Freestyle is designed to magnify your content regardless of the perspective you have. At 80 cm from the wall, it offers an 80 cm diagonal display and can reach a giant size of more than 2.5 m when moved away from the wall. Even more amazing, it benefits from an automatic image adjustment system to ensure an always straight image and automatic focusing of sharpness. Say goodbye to the hassle of getting an image that is both straight and clear. An automatic leveling mode even makes it possible to compensate for irregularities in the ground by straightening the image if necessary. Samsung hasn’t forgotten to offer its latest addition the performance of a quality projector. HDR compatible and LED type, The Freestyle offers a Full HD image with brilliant colors, capable of reaching a brightness of 550 LED Lumen. Finally, if the wall on which you are projecting your content is not white, don’t worry, the device proves capable of restoring liveliness to the colors for an impressive spectacle of realism!

Your favorite content never leaves you

With its Tizen operating system recognized for its high level of performance, The Freestyle provides access to a multitude of content like Samsung’s Smart TVs. From brand services to the most used applications like Netflix or Disney+, the choice is vast to follow your favorite series. If you have a compatible Samsung TV, you will follow (even if it is switched off) your TV shows from The Freestyle. Equipped with a smartphone with the SmartThings application (or AirPlay 2 for the iPhone), you can also use this mini-projector to broadcast the content of this mobile in XXL format. With Tap View, all you have to do is bring it close to the device and perform a single tap to stream its audio or video content.

samsung the freestyle

360-degree sound to perfect the ambience

The impressive functions of this attractive device also give pride of place to the audio quality. The Freestyle thus embeds an astonishing 5 W loudspeaker, with 360-degree omni-directional sound. The opportunity to reinforce your immersion in the image when you watch a program, but also to take full advantage of your playlists on your smartphone.

Even better, The Freestyle will make a splash in your surroundings thanks to its talent for setting the mood. For this purpose, the device embeds many contents to transform your interior according to your desires of the moment. All you have to do is select a lighting, a scene or even a personal photo to instantly change the room you are in.

With its two integrated assistants, Bixby and Amazon Alexa, this Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible mini video projector has not forgotten to be intelligent and complies with your requirements with a simple voice command.
The Freestyle is available for pre-order at a price of 999 euros, for an official launch date of February 17.

Discover The Freestyle on Samsung.com

This article was written in partnership with Samsung.

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