Elections 2022: how to transfer the title or the voting place via the internet

In 2022, we will have another election period, this time to elect president, senators, governors and federal and state deputies. If you have recently moved to another city and have not yet settled your voter registration, it is recommended that you do this as soon as possible to avoid any problems with the document transfer.

THE Superior Electoral Court (TSE), through Título Net, the institution’s online platform, makes available some resources to make the process easier. In addition to making it possible to change the polling place, the tool also allows you to obtain a new voter registration card and consult other information, for example if you are up to date with the Electoral Justice.

Deadline for transferring voter registration

To vote in Election 2022, you need to make the transfer by May 4th.Font: TSE

If you want to change your polling place, it is important to pay attention to the deadline for carrying out this procedure. In 2022, Brazilians will have until May 4 to request the exchange and still be able to vote in this year’s elections.

before starting

It is also important to provide some documents before starting the polling place transfer process. The first one is a digital copy (front and back) of an official photo identification document, such as the National Driver’s License (CNH) or the General Registry (RG).

You also need a copy of a recent proof of residence – at least 3 months old at the new address. If you are in debt with the Electoral Justice, it is also necessary to provide a copy of proof of payment of the amounts due.

The last document required is for males between the ages of 18 and 45, which is a copy of the military service discharge receipt. During the address transfer process, it will be necessary to take a security selfie with the ID document next to the face. If you prefer, you can arrange this photo in advance.

How to transfer voter registration

Step 1: to start the process of transferring the voter registration card and changing the polling place, it is necessary to access the Título Net and, on the home page, select the state where you want to change the electoral domicile and click on “NEXT”.

To transfer your voter registration, access Title Net.To transfer your voter registration, access Title Net.Source: TítuloNET

step 2: the next screen displays some important information about the process, as well as the documents needed to complete the transfer; read it carefully and then click “NEXT” again.

Please read the information carefully before proceeding.Please read the information carefully before proceeding.Source: TítuloNET

step 3: in the window entitled “Identification”, click on the “Voter ID” field and select the appropriate option for your profile, which can be any of the ones mentioned below.

  • I have and I know the number
  • I have and I don’t know the number
  • I do not have
  • I have it, but the data doesn’t match

Next, fill in the fields with the electoral document number, full name, date of birth and the name of the father and mother (if this information is present in the birth record); After finishing, click on “NEXT”.

Please fill in the details correctly to proceed.Please fill in the details correctly to proceed.Source: TítuloNET

step 4: on the “Requirement – ​​Personal Data” screen, include a social name (if you wish), the information regarding the official identification document that you have separated for the process and pay attention to answer all questions, because if there are any without filling, it will not be possible to proceed.

Make sure you answer all the questions in the questionnaire.Make sure you answer all the questions in the questionnaire.Source: TítuloNET

step 5: it is at this moment that you will use the copies you have provided, uploading the files using each of the buttons on the screen; Please note that marriage and birth certificates are not required.

Attach the digital copies you set aside on this page.Attach the digital copies you set aside on this page.Source: TítuloNET

step 6: on the next screen, you can choose the location where you want to transfer your electoral document. Start by filling in the postal code (zip code) to auto-complete some fields and then correct the information if necessary; also enter the telephone number and time of residence in the municipality.

Choose the municipality where you want to transfer your title.Choose the municipality where you want to transfer your title.Source: TítuloNET

Step 7: after determining the voting municipality, you will choose the exact place where you will exercise your right to vote; then, the system will automatically suggest points closer to your address, just choose one of them and move on.

Also define the exact polling location.Also define the exact polling location.Source: TítuloNET

step 8: the next screen will display the personal details for confirmation; after making sure the data is correct, you will be presented with a new screen with a protocol number, write it down or save that digit so you can check the progress of the process later.

Save the protocol number to check the progress of the process.Save the protocol number to check the progress of the process.Source: TítuloNET

Ready! You have already transferred your title in a safe and practical way. Now just wait for the order to be processed and, if there is any inconsistency in the data entered, the system will display an alert on the protocol query screen.

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