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eFootball, by Konami, will have its first major update with improvements and news soon. On April 14th, the football game will receive new mechanicsin addition to several balance adjustments e bug fixes to enhance the player experience. According to the producer, the patch contents were developed based on requests from fans of the franchise.

eFootball (Image: Disclosure/Konami)
eFootball (Image: Disclosure/Konami)

Since its launch in September 2021, eFootball I was in limbo. As soon as it became available, the game received a shower of negative reviews regarding low quality graphics, stuttered mechanics, limited content and visual bugs. To assuage players’ disappointment, Konami has announced a big updatewhich was scheduled to arrive in November of last year.

After being delayed to 2022, the update finally got a definitive release date. According to Konami, the dev team wants to win back the trust of the fans when implementing community-requested improvements. Among the novelties are “new commands and various elements (offensive and defensive) prevalent in modern football”.

The details of the update can be found below:

Changes to defensive commands and addition of “ask to press” command

Konami wants facilitate the defense and recovery of the ball in matches. In addition to reviewing the prioritization of defense moves, the producer changed the game’s controls and included the press commands – present in Pro Evolution Soccer — to make defensive moves more intuitive.

Also added the “body game”, which allows you to proactively retrieve the ball by pushing your opponent with your shoulder. You can still use the tactics of “pressure” e “mark up close”. with the new command “ask to press”you can request a teammate to put pressure on the athlete who has the ball.

Passing improvements and the new “phenomenal pass” command

the passes of eFootball received a lot of attention in the patch. The improvements focus on decrease the chance of error and increase the overall speed of passes, improving the pace of the game. For this, Konami has implemented a new mechanism that sets the controller’s acceleration according to the ball’s speed.

In addition, the producer has included improvements in target decisions of passes, in decision making of artificial intelligence and movements when receiving passes. Players will also be able to use “phenomenal pass” to kick the ball with special trajectories. This feature promises to dictate the pace of the attack.

More kick trajectories for greater satisfaction

About kicks, Konami guarantees speed improvements, with a focus on realism and satisfaction, as well as adjustments to the percentage of shots on target to correctly reflect the circumstances of the match. The movements will also receive trajectory variations, such as the “phenomenal kick”.

Strategic evolution due to dribbling improvements

As in the case of kicks, the producer wants to let the more realistic and comfortable dribbling. For that, the patch promises to bring improvements in the precision in the location of the ball, as well as in the response to commands from the left analog and sprint. There is also the inclusion of the command “incisive touch” and simpler feint commands.

Improved online connectivity

In online matches, Konami intends to improve connection quality by adopting a client-server system. Thus, the response time of online matches should be improved, in addition to the general stability with the internet.

More features in the game plan

In the game plan, players of eFootball will be able to use new features such as “change formation”, “individual instructions”, “automatic settings”, “subtactics”, “data management”among other functions.

Create your “Ideal Team”

the old way “Creative Team” will become “Time ideal”. In it, it will be possible not only to assemble compositions with your favorite players and coaches, but also to train them so that they fit your style of play. This should guarantee greater freedom to create the perfect cast.

For now, improvements in eFootball are expected to arrive only for the PC and console versions of the game. The mobile edition of the game will continue with the usual problems for a while longer.

According to Konami, developers are working to implement the update, but no release date yet.

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