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Are you a fan of beautiful images? So you necessarily know Fujifilm, a major player in the photography market. Using a brand-name camera means taking exceptional shots and takes the user who wants to experience the joys of being a photographer a step further.

But if Fujifilm’s notoriety comes largely from its high-end digital cameras, the Japanese firm is present in many segments, with Instax photo printers to easily print its pictures on the fly.

A reliable and efficient hybrid camera

One of the brand’s benchmarks is the Fujifilm X-T4 Hybrid Camera. A small nugget of technology at vintage aesthetics and the most successful design. But it is above all its abilities that make it a good choice. In terms of reactivity, already, an extremely important element in photography to capture the exact moment in good quality. The X-Processor 4 CPU of the X-T4 does wonders. Combined with the excellent hybrid phase detection autofocus, the camera guarantees sharp, precise and detailed image in all conditions. And to be sure not to miss anything, the continuous shooting (burst mode) particularly effective completes the range of this model.

The combination of the 26.1 MP APS-C X-Trans IV sensor and the image processing carried out by the X-Processor 4 gives stunning results, with very good color rendering and little noise. To get the best shots, of course, you need a little practice, and learning to play with all the available parameters: lens aperture, ISO sensitivity adjustment to manage light, white balance (perfectly balanced on the X -Q4), exhibition …

Slow motion, subject monitoring … video serving your creativity

The Fujifilm X-T4 also holds great promise in terms of video. It achieves the feat of recording 10-bit 4K / 60fps 4: 2: 0 video to an internal SD card. The APN is equipped with a 10-bit 4K / 60P 4: 2: 2 HDMI output and supports H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC formats as well as H.265 / HEVC.

The AFN is also able to film in slow motion with 240 frames per second mode at 1080p for slow motion effects. As in the photo, the autofocus responds quickly. We must also mention the functionality of subject tracking, with face recognition that works very well. In short, for amateur video or for more professional projects, requiring or not editing, the X-T4 is a quality camera.

A kit containing the Fujifilm X-T4 and a lens from Fnac

Aspiring photographers and videographers know that good equipment is essential to achieve good results. And for a better experience, the Fujifilm X-T4 is available on the Fnac website in a kit also containing the excellent XF 16-80 mm lens. An interesting bundle since it is offered at a price of 2,299 euros (-5% for Fnac + members), while the camera alone costs 1,799 euros and the lens 800 euros, for a total of 2,599 euros. The kit thus saves 300 euros. Home delivery on this product is free. Express delivery to be delivered faster is offered free of charge for Fnac + subscribers.

And if you want to immortalize your memories on photo paper, you can pair your device with a Fujifilm Instax printer. You will print in seconds your photos or even extracts of your videos, snapshots to keep for yourself or to offer on the fly to friends and family.

The Fujifilm X-T3 bundle with accessories in promotion

Getting well equipped with camera equipment requires a significant budget. If the Fujifilm XT-4 catches your eye but you’re a little tight on finances, we have a great alternative for you. At Fnac, a complete pack including its predecessor, the Fujifilm X-T3 (embedding the same technology without internal stabilization), a goal XF 18-55 mm which alone is worth the trifle of 700 euros, a leather case BLC-XT3 and one backup battery NP-W126S is currently subject to a reduction of 300 euros. Its price thus drops to 1399 euros, an affordable price given the quality of the products.

Buy the Fujifilm X-T3 Black pack with lens and accessories

The leather case allows you to take advantage of a rather classy storage holder for your camera. The extra battery is essential to avoid getting stranded during long shoots or filming, while the XF 18-55mm lens (with stabilization) will improve the quality of the photos.

Also included is a charger to recharge the two batteries, the caps to protect the lenses and an EF-X8 Flash for, among other things, low light situations. Top quality-price ratio.

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