Dying Light 2: list brings 9 new features and improvements to the game

Dying Light 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the electrifying first-person game, which mixes action elements with Parkour. Scheduled for release on December 7th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC, the title will have a number of new features compared to its previous chapter, such as a wider map and new creatures.

To better detail each of them, the producer Techland released a list with the nine main news that will be in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Check out:

1 – Expanded parkour system

The most striking feature of the game, the parkour system, will be improved in the new title. Dying Light 2: Stay Human you will have a wider range of movements, including the possibility of running along the walls. And to make sure that everything has an extra dose of realism, the title also features an in-game representation of one of the sport’s icons: Frenchman David Belle.

Parkour mechanics have been improved in Dying Light 2Source:  Disclosure

2 – Atmosphere in the “Modern Middle Ages”

the plot of Dying Light 2 it’s been 20 years after the first game. At the time, the virus swept away human civilization, leading to the rise of a Modern Middle Ages, in which cities and states formed on the roofs. According to Techland, its developers drew on real events in history, such as the fall of the Roman Empire, to compose a realistic view of civilization’s timid resurgence after a cataclysm.

3 – More types of special infected

As expected, Dying Light 2: Stay Human brings a great diversity of new infected. The creatures were spawned after years and years of mutations by the virus. Among them are the Revenant, which emits a toxic cloud that strengthens other infected, the powerful Volatile, which chases the player with unique agility, and the Banshee, which attacks with long, deformed fingers, in addition to having considerable leaps to reach the your prey.

New creatures will be present in the gameNew creatures will be present in the gameSource:  Steam

4 – The world changes according to your choices

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has a number of different factions fighting for control of the City, they are:

  • Peacekeepers – Formed by ex-military, and conquering settlements by brute force;
  • Renegades – Former criminals, eager to destroy other factions;
  • Survivors – Ordinary people caught in the crossfire, seeking to rebuild civilization and experts in producing food and resources.

According to the faction chosen by the player, the City will change visually, and the others will lose space.

5 – Map 4x larger than the original

If the map was already impressive in the first game due to its size, get ready, because the city of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, formed from the remains of a gigantic metropolis, will be four times larger. The region also promises to be even more dangerous, as nature has slowly recovered, forming veritable forests on the tops of skyscrapers, while the ground has become a toxic dead zone by the Harran virus.

Dying Light 2's map will be four times larger than the first gameDying Light 2’s map will be four times larger than the first gameSource:  Steam

6 – Invasion of infected nests

The famous day and night mechanics are back and expanded in the new game. It is still relatively safe to cross the city by day, but at night the infected take to the streets to hunt. At the same time, this leaves their hiding places empty, allowing them to be explored by brave players in search of some of the best rewards.

7 – Also made by fans

For fans, here’s some good news: it’s possible to help create the new game and even win cash prizes (or a limited amount of special editions of the game). All this through the contest Dying Light 2 Stay Human User Contest, whose entries can now be made on the official website in the written, fan art and cosplay modalities.

Game will have elements created by the communityGame will have elements created by the communitySource:  Steam

8 – Start the equipped game

Through the Techland GG website, it is possible to collect rewards for the game, such as weapons (which can be used in Dying Light), plus other exclusive items, such as a unique six-part outfit for protagonist Aiden, which is collected sequentially, piece by piece.

9 – From games to comics

The story of the new game has already started to be told, with the official comic Banshee: I Am The Cure, which narrates the events that led to the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The comic was written by the game’s screenwriter, Mariusz Pitura, with art by Adam Markiewicz.

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