dual screen, rotating frame, triple photo sensor, 5G and Snapdragon 765G

The subject of several leaks in recent months, the Wing has just been formalized by LG. A strange smartphone, it hides a secondary screen under its main screen which is revealed thanks to an articulated frame. Equipped with a 5G-capable premium platform, it will be launched in South Korea, the United States and Europe. And maybe even in France, who knows?

In May, a strange leak presented the LG Wing, a smartphone with a very different design. The first images showed a main screen turned horizontally and a secondary screen placed below. And the second is revealed thanks to a clever swivel mechanism. Each screen has different functions depending on the context.

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A few months later, the Wing was the subject of another leak in the form of a video, showing another use of this dual screen: navigation software on the main screen, placed vertically, and a music player. on the second screen, with notifications displayed. Finally, earlier this month, we learned that LG would fully unveil its rotating screen smartphone on September 14. It was done.

Two OLED screens and a 4000 mAh battery

The LG Wing is what we expected: two screens mounted on a swivel chassis. The smartphone offers a classic grip when the secondary screen is hidden. And it expands the display area when it is visible. The main screen of the LG Wing measures 6.8 inch (in 20.5 / 9th format), a very large size. Its definition is Full HD +. And its technology is P-OLED. The secondary screen is almost square (ratio 1.15: 1). It measures 3.9 inch (almost half of the main screen). It is also Full HD. And its display technology is G-OLED.

Inside, we find a modern platform, but not high-end. It’s about Snapdragon 765G from Qualcomm, an octo-core 5G compatible SoC. He is accompanied by 8 GB RAM and 128 or 256 GB of storage depending on the version. A memory card reader expands this space. The built-in battery offers a capacity of 4000 mAh. We would have liked a little more, since it will have to feed two screens regularly. And even if the SD765G is not too energy intensive, this dual screen will logically have an impact on battery life.

Triple photo sensor, but no optical zoom

On the photo side, we find at the back a triple sensor 64 + 13 + 13 megapixels. The main sensor is stabilized (OIS) and captures photos in 16 megapixels by default. The third sensor is a “Big Pixel” model. This means it captures more light and should be particularly effective in night mode. The two secondary sensors are associated with wide-angle lenses (117 ° and 120 °). We wonder why integrate two wide-angle lenses. And there is no optical zoom.

official lg wing

Up front, the Wing does not have an apparent selfie sensor. Yet he has one, well hidden. This is located in the sliding part of the smartphone. When you take the secondary display out of its hiding place and place it on the side edge of the primary display, part of the frame comes out opposite, next to the other edge (see above). This is where the selfie sensor is located, a 32 megapixel model compatible with “Quad Bayer” like the 64 megapixel sensor. It takes photos in 8 megapixels by default.

A big fat baby!

The LG Wing comes with Android 10. It is certified MIL-STD-810G against the vagaries of life (immersion, fall, dust, temperature, etc.). And it is wireless charging compatible in addition to fast charging (Quick Charge 4+). As a result of this amazing design, the LG Wing is quite thick, since it measures 10.9 mm thick. And above all it weighs quite heavy, since its indicative weight is 260 grams.

The purpose of this amazing smartphone is twofold. First of all, it appeals to people and allows them to talk about the brand, lacking visibility in the media. Next, LG obviously has to offer alternatives to flexible screens and devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, without relying on similar technology. And especially, a much cheaper alternative, thanks to the use of non-flexible panels and a premium chipset. No price and no release date have been announced by the brand. But LG says it will arrive in South Korea in October before arriving in the United States and Europe. A French release would be surprising, LG France having discontinued the phone marketing 18 months ago.

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