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On Friday (17) the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested the mastermind of a sales gang that operated a drug delivery on WhatsApp. To escape inspection agencies, the gang leader, Alluan Araújo, known as Alfafa, accepted payments in cryptocurrencies through a messenger’s commercial account.

Rio de Janeiro Civil Police arrested 14 suspected members of the gang (Image: Marcelo Camargo/ Agência Brasil)

Quadrilha used WhatsApp and accepted cryptocurrencies

Alfafa was arrested in Laranjeiras, south of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), during Operation Batutinha, by the Civil Police. He is appointed as the principal of Alfafa Batutinha Best Quality Drugs, a commercial account used on WhatsApp to sell drugs, as his name already indicates.

To circumvent inspections, the account accepted payments with cryptocurrencies, and took advantage of an ordering system, with “logistics similar to that used by modern delivery applications,” according to the investigations.

The use of cryptocurrencies by criminal organizations has disadvantages: depending on the asset, it can be tracked by the blockchain, a kind of digital ballast that points to the recipient of transfers.

The Civil Police claims that the gang had 10 suppliers, in addition to security, stockist, sellers and deliverymen. The members who made the delivery circulated around the South Zone of Rio disguised as app drivers, to avoid suspicion.

When someone sent a message to Alfafa Batutinha’s account on WhatsApp, a message explained that the amounts for the purchase of narcotics should be settled with Alfafa and not with the delivery person. Soon after, another message showed a menu containing various types of marijuana, cocaine, and synthetic drugs.

Alfafa was arrested in April, in Leblon, when police seized almost 1.5 kg of marijuana in his possession, while making a delivery. He was released to answer the case in freedom.

Suspect posed as “entrepreneur” on Instagram

On Instagram, the suspect was successful and posed as an entrepreneur. He has 11,000 followers on the social network, but investigators tell the G1 that Alfafa was the mastermind of “a bold drug trafficking network that uses messaging applications as a fast, safe and effective means of communication for criminal practice”.

Alluan Araújo’s Instagram profile has 11 thousand followers (Image: Reproduction)

After Alfafa’s first arrest, the police decided to investigate the contents of his cell phone. She managed to discover the trafficking suspect’s network of contacts and plans. One of them was to start exporting drugs out of Brazil — Alfafa was looking for contacts in the port of Rio de Janeiro. “It’s good money we can make, dollar, euro,” he said in conversation.

The 19th Criminal Court was responsible for issuing the arrest warrants for Operation Batutinha.

“This criminal organization created a domain in the city’s upscale neighborhoods”, emphasizes delegate Gustavo Rodrigues, to the G1. “They had ex-police agents, who had been expelled, and they carried rifles. The gang disputed the sale of drugs, even kidnapping rivals,” he continued.

The investigation was conducted by the Police Station for Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (Disarmament) and by the Specialized Action Group in Combating Corruption (GAECO/RJ) of the Civil Police, in partnership with the MPRJ (Rio de Janeiro Public Ministry). Thanks to the MPRJ, 18 suspects were identified in the investigation, who are already defendants for the crime of association with drug trafficking.

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