Dropping 50 Percent of Corona Impacts, Hospitals Threatened to Collapse!

Sleman, IDN Times – The COVID-19 pandemic effect is now having an impact on various sectors, including hospital finances. Director of UGM GM Hospital Dr. drg. Julita Hendrartini, explained that COVID-19 had affected hospital operating costs.

He said, for the COVID-19 referral hospital, the surge in the number of patients treated had disrupted cash flow. Because the hospital work advances (10-50 percent) are no longer sufficient for operational costs. Not to mention the added problem of claims and there is no clarity when the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Not only for referral hospitals, for non-referral hospitals themselves, the corona virus has also caused a decrease in outpatient and non-COVID-19 inpatient visits.

“These conditions have resulted in a decrease in occupancy rates. Hospital revenue has fallen between 30-50 percent,” he said in a webinar Financial Institutions and Accounting System for Health in New Normal Conditions which was held on Friday (6/26).

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1. Massive impact on hospital cash

Services at UGM GM Hospital. ugm.ac.id

Julita explained, declining income had an impact on cash flow (cash flow) hospital. The disrupted cash flow causes the hospital’s operational burden to increase. If this continues, the hospital is in danger of collapse and service will cease.

“The situation does not only occur in hospitals in Indonesia. All hospitals in the world face the same problem,” he said.

2. Need to re-arrange services in the new normal era

Dropping 50 Percent of Corona Impacts, Hospitals Threatened to Collapse!illustration of isolation room COVID-19 (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Yulius Satria Wijaya)

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According to Julita, when entering the new normal order phase, the important thing to do is reorganize services at the hospital. The right strategy to restore the hospital’s condition needs to be developed.

One of them is strategy branding ranging from identifying beneficial services in hospitals, pharmacy services, encouraging creative promotion tools with social media, and contacting loyal patients and frequently visiting hospitals.

With regard to hospital finances, the strategy adopted is to reschedule third party payments and recalculate hospital financing units, which causes an increase in operating expenses.

“In hospital financing in the era new normal In this, the government should focus on establishing COVID-19 and referral hospitals refocusing budget efficiency in each hospital, “he said.

3. Visitors are reduced because of the COVID-19 outbreak

Dropping 50 Percent of Corona Impacts, Hospitals Threatened to Collapse!ugm.ac.id

Not only in RSGM, UGM RSA which is one of the COVID-19 referral hospitals in DI Yogyakarta was also affected. Director of Finance and General of UGM RSA and FEB UGM lecturer, Haryono, revealed that the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic had resulted in a drastic reduction in the number of visitors to the RSA.

“The visitor graph shows a downward trend during the March-June 2020 period,” he explained.

The new normal period itself has changed the behavior of the hospital community in medical services and patient behavior. Changes also occurred in the face-to-face service process to be online-digital, leadership style, strategic planning, programs and operational efficiency, and the use of ICTs in the socialization and marketing of hospital products.

For the RSA itself, Haryanto said that his party had attempted to modify the SOP, pre-facilities, and redesign the room to enter a new normal. This is to create medical services that are safe, clean and healthy.

“In addition, efficiency and integration in internal business processes. Then, optimizing the use of ICTs in socialization and services. In conducting payment transactions also directed non-cash,” he said.

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