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The Raia Drogasil group, owner of the drugstore chains Droga Raia and Drogasil, announced on Wednesday night (8) that it will discontinue the registration of biometrics in its stores. The suspension of collection came after questioning by Idec and a notification from Procon-SP, which could fine the company up to R$50 million. O Techblog brought the complaint of customers who needed to deliver the fingerprint in exchange for discounts.

Droga Raia at Shopping Iguatemi in São Paulo (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

Raia Drogasil suspends collection for “causing discomfort”

In notice to the Techblog, the Raia Drogasil group reinforces that the collection of biometrics was to comply with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). The company emphasizes that the process has always been carried out voluntarily and within legal compliance.

“Despite this, understanding that the initiative caused discomfort, RD-RaiaDrogasil chose to stop this practice,” says the statement. The company claims that it was one of the first in the country to adjust to the LGPD, and stressed that it has made investments in the area to protect customer data.

The pharmacy chain also says that the exchange of data benefits the consumer with offers, “including personalized promotions in categories relevant to him”. The group says it does not sell, “under any circumstances, the personal information of customers to third parties”.

Pharmacy chain does not comment on CPF collection

Finally, the company is available to provide further clarification. She does not comment on CPF collection and use; the practice was criticized by Matheus Falcão, a specialist in Health at the Consumer Defense Institute (Idec), in an interview with Techblog. “Our understanding is that the sector [de farmácias] it still didn’t explain very well nor the necessity of the CPF, much less the digital one. This goes through explaining the precise purpose. Who are they shared with?” he asked.

Idec notified the Raia Drogasil group about the collection of the CPF, which also had no specific purpose described in the company’s privacy policy.

The state of São Paulo passed a law in December that obliges pharmacies and drugstores to explain why they ask for the consumer’s CPF upon purchase. The company needs to communicate to the customer, if he provides the data, whether or not he will open an account so that he can receive promotions or discounts. If you violate the law, the store must pay a fine of R$5,818.

Drogasil Facade (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

Drogasil Facade (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

Last month, the Techblog detailed cases of customers who were barred at the time of purchase, and had to provide the digital in exchange for discounts on products. In one case, the offer was 33% and the consumer had to inform the mobile number to take advantage of the promotion.

On Wednesday, we reported exclusively that Drogasil was notified by Procon-SP. The agency requires the purpose of collecting biometrics, as well as data processing: capture, storage and encryption.

This is the company’s statement in full:

Regarding the notification it received from Procon-SP, RD-RaiaDrogasil clarifies that the use of biometric identification occurred with the sole purpose of ensuring the practicality and safety of this process for customers and for purposes provided for in the LGPD. It emphasizes that biometric registration has always been voluntary and in compliance with current legislation.

Despite this, understanding that the initiative caused discomfort, RD-RaiaDrogasil chose to discontinue this practice. It is important to emphasize that RD-RaiaDrogasil was one of the first companies in the country to adapt to the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD). The group has made large investments to further enhance information security and ensure consumer privacy and data protection.

All information collected is used solely for the benefit of the customer, including personalized promotions in categories relevant to him. Droga Raia, Drogasil and all other companies in its economic group do not, under any circumstances, sell the personal information of customers to third parties.

For 116 years, the group has maintained a relationship of deep trust with its customers, based on total respect for the privacy of those who use its services. The loyalty program has more than 30 years of history and guarantees personalized benefits, without ever compromising the privacy and security of each person’s data.

RD-RaiaDrogasil is at your disposal to clarify everything that is necessary.

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