Download Inshot Pro APK Premium Mod

not only for editing videos, Inshot Pro Apk is also used to edit photos. This one application is quite capable of making various kinds of changes and management of the appearance of the photos you want.

The process is very simple because you will be supported by a variety of features that are diverse and easy to find.

How do you edit photos using the Inshot application to make it look more beautiful? Let’s look at the following info.

Download Inshot Pro APK

How to download Inshot Pro APK

Name Inshot
Price Free
Size 47MB
Developer Inshot Inc.


How to Edit Photos Using the Inshot Pro Application

To be able to do photo editing, make sure you already have this application first.

If you don’t have it, you can download the Inshot Pro application from the link here. After a successful installation, you can enter the application.

Inshot Pro Application Menu

In the initial appearance of the Inshot menu, you will see three choices namely video, photo and college.

If you want to make edits to just one photo, select the photo button. If you want to make a combination of photos, you can choose College.

College can only be done for photo editing, not for video.

Select and Insert Photo

If you select the photo button, you will be directly connected to your mobile gallery where all the photos that you have ever had will be displayed.

From here, you can choose which photos you want to edit. Make sure to only choose one because you chose the photo menu.

inshot pro

Change Photo Shape

After the photo of your choice appears on the Hp screen, you will also see several Inshot features at the bottom of the screen such as fit, blur, filter, crop, sticker, text and so on.

To change the shape of the photo, you must select the Fit menu. Then the photo adjustment menu will appear again, such as original, full, fit, top and bottom.

This shape adjustment is not fixed only on the items provided.

You can zoom in or out on the shape by sliding the green dot below the photo. The picture will be adjusted to your liking.

Take advantage of the Blur Effect

The blur effect here is to provide a blurred image behind your photo or on the background. Initially, the background will be white.

If you want the blur effect, your shadow will appear in the background area in a blurred or faint condition.

This blur effect will enhance your overall appearance and focus the audience on the subjects in the picture.

Give Additional Filters

In addition to providing blur effects, Inshot Pro Apk also provides various image filter options to choose from such as bright, story, natural, warm and so on.

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You can directly choose the available filters. The photo will change immediately following the filter you selected. So, you can determine which filters will suit your photos.

Add stickers and text 

This application will also give you a large selection of stickers that can be embedded in the photo to sweeten the image.

Placement can be adjusted at will. Make sure you don’t forget to select the checkmark after making additions so that the sticker you choose can be saved.

So it is with the text. You can add text by selecting the Text button on the main menu.

This text feature will allow you to add a written message form. A variety of fonts and sizes are also available that can be chosen as needed.

Change the Background Color

The background colour of the photo can also be changed according to your wishes. But if at the beginning you already use the blur mode, you should not change the background colour because it will automatically eliminate the previous blur effect.

Those are some ways to use the Inshot Pro Apk application in a simple way. Editing photos is no longer a difficult matter.

You can easily do this even if only with HP. Let’s immediately beautify your photos.

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