How To Download Helix Jump Mod Apk Highest Level

Download the Helix Jump Mod Game Apk – Helix Jump is a smartphone game that is very simple, but still fun to play and provides challenging effects that make you curious as to the Flappy Bird game that was once famous.

Helix Jump Mod Apk Highest Level

Download Helix Jump Mod Apk Cannot Die

How to play Helix Jump is indeed tricky and likes to make fun. In this game, you have to go down the maze using a bouncing ball.

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The ball must not hit the red zone sign. If the ball falls in the red zone, the game will end.

Download Helix Jump Mod Level 1000

Helix Jump Original (Google Play)

Mod Features

  • No Video Ads appear
  • God Mode
  • Menace Hack
  • Increase Trail
  • The Mod Menu

How to get the highest score

Here are some easy ways you can use to get the highest score and also to get through a difficult stage without dying in the Helix Jump game for Android users:

  1. If you have already installed the original Helix Jump game (which is downloaded from Playstore) uninstall it.
  2. Then download the application Helix Jump Mod Apk on the link provided above.
  3. Install the Helix Jump Mod Apk game that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Open and play the game.

You can see the gameplay of Helix Jump Game 1.0.6 Mod apk through the following short video:

Helix Jump Game Features

Free to play

To play the game, players simply download it and start playing. In-app purchases are few but if interested, you can go ahead and make a purchase.


A ball appears on the player screen. The ball should have taken a number of platforms.


There is a set of platforms where players must get the ball. Red platforms must be avoided because they can cause you to die.

Helix Structure

Players must rotate the structure of the helix using their fingers.


This is the space where a player must pass the ball.


To recover when you die by logging into the red platform, you can watch the ad every 10 minutes.


  • This game has simple controls and is easy to play
  • This is a free game
  • There are only a few in-app purchases
  • It has an addictive gameplay mechanism
  • Has a very rich visual effect


  • The story is rather shallow
  • The game will repeat after a while

By using the Helix Jump game that has been Mod Apk as described above, it can be guaranteed you will get the highest score in a very short time.

At the beginning of the game, this game is fairly easy to pass every challenge, but after increasing the stage and level will make obstacles difficult to overcome.

The stage or level in the Helix Jump game has no limits, even thousands of stages.

So you could say the Helix Jump game has no end. Maybe you can play it continuously until 7 days and 7 nights to get the score with the highest stage. Even if you are strong.

For those of you who are still curious about how to get the highest score and get through all the challenges at each stage very easily without dying, you can use the method that we will share this.

By using this method, you can show off to your friends through your social media accounts.

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp that you can get the highest score with a stage that is far away.

Because the ball you play will not be able to die or be invulnerable if the ball touches or falls in the red zone.

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The Final Word:

This is an explanation of the Helix Jump Mod Game, Unlimited Life Level, the highest level, can’t die completely with the download link. Thank you for visiting.

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