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By the sobriety and the speed of its interface, by its storage capacity and by its many functions, Gmail is undoubtedly the most used messaging service. The service now has over 1.8 billion active users and continues to grow in popularity. Since its launch, Gmail has revolutionized messaging. In fact, compared to other mailboxes, Gmail boasts of being more secure and presents less risk of hacking.


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Google LLC Developer | Updated on 09/01/2021

What is Gmail?

An email service offered by Google, Gmail was launched in April 2004. As you may know, Gmail is short for Google Mail. Initially, Google had offered a storage capacity of 1 GB. However, the Mountain View firm decided to merge the storage spaces of its various services on May 13, 2013. This offers users the possibility of using a space for free. 15 GB storage.

However, if you want to have more than 15 GB of storage space, you must purchase a paid subscription on Google One. In addition, you can benefit from a storage capacity of at least 30 GB thanks to the professional messaging solution integrated into Google Workspace. If you use Google Drive, you will be able to centralize your information.

Google messaging offers a pleasant customer experience thanks to the other services with which it is connected. For example, you can use Calendar to add an appointment from an email to your calendar. You can also start instant chats with your contacts using Hangouts. To start a video conference, you can use Meet. You can also attach tasks to an email with Tasks.

Note that with the free version, your email address will be “@”. On the other hand, if you want to have an email address with your domain name, you must opt ​​for the pro version of Workspace.

Why use Google messaging?

Whether you use Gmail for your personal or business activities, the service will make it much easier for you. This is due to the fact that it incorporates several features that are its strength. First of all, this tool is available in web and mobile versions. This gives you access to your inbox from any type of terminal. You can also send large documents and files as attachments. In addition, the service allows its users to take advantage of a rather effective spam filter.

When you write a message in Gmail, you get automatic recording. This is a major advantage in the event that a possible technical problem suddenly arises. In addition, with the integrated search module, you can easily find messages. By using labels or directories, you can manually or automatically categorize your mails. You can easily identify them using color codes. Finally, with the platform, you will enjoy a considerable time saving by sending messages with canned responses.

You will be able to automatically organize your e-mails thanks to the mail folders. Indeed, Gmail offers you a list of predefined folders that allows you to categorize your emails. You will find all new e-mails in the folder Mailbox. In the outbox are classified all the emails being sent. The folder Disorganized includes all emails that are in progress and have not yet been sent.

All the messages you have already sent are in the folder Sent elements. If you have already deleted emails, you can still find them in the option Elements deleted. Finally, advertising messages or those that you do not want to read will be filed in the folder Spam Where spam.

To create a new Gmail mail folder, all you need to do is use Gmail labels. They will allow you to categorize your emails into multiple categories including to-do, family, work, and read later, etc. Note that labels work the same as folders.

To create a Gmail label, you must select the “Create a label” option. Then enter the name of the new label and press Create. To delete or modify an e-mail folder, all you have to do is click on the small arrow to the right of the folder.

Use Google Workspace for your business

If you want to use Google Mail for your business, it is recommended that you use a Google Workspace account instead of a personal Google Account. With this option, you will enjoy professional messaging. All messages that are sent to your personalized e-mail address will therefore be seen on your own domain.

By replacing @ with your own domain name, you will be able to create professional email addresses for each member of your team. So instead of an email address like, you have yourname @ yourdomainname.

Thanks to a personalized messaging system that integrates your domain name, you will be able to establish a climate of trust with your customers. It will also be a great way to create grouped broadcast lists like Marketing @ Your Business. Google Workspace also gives you the ability to add and remove employees within your organization.

You can make each employee have their own account. You can also keep your data secure by preventing employees leaving the company from having access to it. In addition, this service gives you the possibility to manage the mobile devices of each of your employees.

If to ensure the proper development of your business, you want to reach your targets and communicate directly with Internet users. Use the Gmail Sponsored Promotion ad format. This function allows you to send your announcements directly to the inbox of your prospects and customers. This type of campaign allows you to precisely refine your targets using geolocation, keywords and customer interests.

You can also use the user’s profession. In this case, Gmail becomes a great way to give your site better visibility. You can address Internet users from the different types of terminals: tablet, computer or smartphone. In addition, the ad will be visible to over 400 million Gmail users. It will then be an effective way to reach a lot of people.

The advantages of Gmail

Google messaging has many advantages. One of the main strengths of this service is the efficiency of its interface. In addition, it offers a large storage capacity which is constantly increasing. POP or IMAP polling as well as the spam filter are also very popular features of Gmail.

The application offers a priority inbox that allows you to mark important messages and thus distinguish them from the rest of the mail. It should also be noted that the messaging service offers many interesting options and services such as a label system, import of address books and keyboard shortcuts among others.

Alternatives to Gmail

Gmail is arguably one of the most convenient and versatile messaging platforms. This is because of the many features it incorporates. However, the service is very data-intensive and doesn’t give much respect to digital privacy. Indeed, it analyzes the content of the e-mails that you receive in order to then exploit them. In addition, it keeps traces of your online chats thanks to the invoices that you receive in your mailbox.

If you are concerned about protecting your personal data, there are other alternatives to Gmail. They allow you to exchange totally secure emails. Among the most reliable, we distinguish:


This solution can be used free of charge and offers many features such as the “end-to-end encryption” function that you can activate and deactivate as you wish. Also, if you need more storage space and a higher level of customization, there are several types of paid plans to choose from.


If you want the best possible protection of your privacy, the open source ProtonMail software is required. It offers a secure e-mail service and incorporates very advanced features. The platform is available in a free version and offers 3 monthly and annual subscription plans.


A “green” e-mail provider, Posteo optimally protects and secures your data. To access all of its features, you pay only € 1 per month. If you want to enjoy tailor-made use, you can add options. The only downside with this tool is that its interface is not intuitive enough.

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