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The expectation of seeing a Brazilian game gain prominence on the world stage is always great, especially when we consider gigantic projects that try to face the AAA market.

Dolmen is one of those cases. Produced over the last few years by Massive Work Studiofrom Rio Grande do Norte, the title incorporates concepts found in sci-fi and Souls-like games.

The game gained notoriety by participating in the BGS 2017. A year later, when he joined the Kickstarterraised $20,272 in funding, an important amount to jumpstart its first steps.

Dolmen enough for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One e PC and we had the opportunity to test a version preview. What can we learn from her?


What most captivates a person to play a game is its story. When you can’t sell this fish well, you can be sure that many problems will arise ahead. This is the case of Dolmen.

After a process of colonization that took place in different solar systems, humanity needs a technology to adapt as much as possible to current conditions: a crystal called Dolmen.

The stone is produced inside the mining station Revion Prime. But a fissure caused animals and creatures to take over the place, hindering fundraising. Now, your mission will be to clear the station of these monsters and capture crystals so that a future problem never occurs.

When you propose to create a narrative, it is essential to have a good reading of the text and, above all, a good narration. Unfortunately that’s not what happens. The work looks like it was done anyway, greatly hindering an initial immersion.

After a while the player doesn’t care about the story and tries to have fun with the gameplay.

Resident Evilis that you?

Remember when the gameplay of RE was locked and generated a lot of criticism among gamers? Dolmen follows this premise. As much as the game has to shine in this area, for having a Soul-likeit is difficult to shoot and hit the opponents squarely.

It all happens because the controls don’t work in the best possible way. It would take a greater polish to make the game more attractive in this part, especially when it drinks from the source of games with action and combat at all times.

On several occasions I ended up dying because the control didn’t bring an adequate response to the movements I needed to destroy the enemy. This made the adventure boring and tedious.

Even with the diversity of weaponry, both short and long-range, the game fails to create the action necessary for fun. The impression is that the game is still very raw.

The problems continue

If all that wasn’t enough, the game has a very simple menu, lacking a little attention for this part. It would be necessary to create more robust arts to flesh out the game.

The same can be said for the graphics. At GCs are well done, but when we enter the gameplayO downgrade It is notorious. The sets are poor, with a meaningless color palette and poorly done lighting.

At least we have a good optimization of the game, even playing in 4k and 60 frames per second. But as we said, it lacks polish. Much polish! Again the impression that the game is still in an alpha version.

It is worth it?

As has become customary in the gaming market, games are released in half and over time they get updates to be a little more robust. Unfortunately, this is the impression Dolmen raisin.

The idea is interesting, but the execution was not good. There are many points without knots, many problems in the narrative and especially in the gameplay.

It would be easy to come here and praise the work of the developers, simply because they are Brazilian. And we know that many people do that. Unfortunately I’m not going to wipe.

Here, the reality is different. May this criticism serve for a total growth of Brazilian companies that want to do well in the electronic games market. Haste is usually the enemy of perfection, as the popular saying goes. It is worth remembering that the forecast is that the game will be released later this year.

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