do you refuse the new conditions? Here’s what to expect from May 15, 2021

WhatsApp has finally decided to let you use the app after May 15, 2021 even though you haven’t accepted the new terms of service. However, Facebook has not decided to stop there: the firm will push an increasing number of users to accept the new conditions by gradually limiting the functionalities, until you can no longer access your discussion list. , nor receive calls.

WhatsApp explains in its latest blog post what will happen as of May 15, 2021 if you do not agree to the new terms of use. WhatsApp has been asking its users for several weeks to accept new terms of use, the content of which has sparked heated debate. There was indeed talk of increased data sharing with Facebook. In fact, as the firm has repeatedly explained, this data sharing has no reason to cause concern: Facebook is in fact on the verge of changing the way users communicate on the platform with brands. Conversations remain end-to-end encrypted, and Facebook otherwise has no access to more data than before.

However, the method used by Facebook did nothing, initially, to bring down the temperature. When we opened WhatsApp a screen threatened to cut off access to the account if the user did not accept the new conditions before the deadline. In an effort of appeasement Facebook had then better explained its approach before pushing back the deadline to May 15, 2021. Without however changing the gun on what will happen after this date. Which did not at all calm disgruntled users. So in a new appeasement effort, Facebook has made a decision: it will be possible to use WhatsApp from May 15, 2021 even if you do not agree to the new conditions. But the application will be gradually curtailed.

Here’s what will happen from May 15, 2021 if you don’t agree to WhatsApp’s terms

“On May 15, WhatsApp will continue to function normally and no one will have their account deleted as a result of this update”, points out WhatsApp in a blog post. And to continue: “In recent weeks, we’ve posted a notification on WhatsApp to give you more information about the update. We have given everyone time to review this information. However, we invite those who have not yet had the opportunity to read and accept this update. After a period of several weeks, the reminder for these people will eventually become recurring. In that case, WhatsApp functionality will be limited until you accept the update. It will not affect all users at the same time ”.

here is a indicative timetable measures that will be applied to accounts that have not accepted the new terms of use from May 15. The exact deadlines are not specified, but the occurrence of these measures is presented as inevitable after a few weeks:

  • WhatsApp will cut off access to your conversations : You will still be able to answer incoming phone and video calls, and, if you have enabled notifications, you will be able to continue to make quick replies to your messages or call back missed calls
  • A few weeks after this first clamping WhatsApp will completely cut off core functionality such as receiving incoming calls and displaying notifications

At the end of this second tightening burst, WhatsApp will stop showing you the screen asking you to accept the new terms of use.. But, de facto, it will be completely impossible for you to use WhatsApp. You then have several options: either you accept the new conditions, or you delete WhatsApp in favor of other applications such as Telegram and Signal. If you choose to quit WhatsApp, the company points out that it is possible to download all your discussions in advance to save them. WhatsApp insists: this rejection of the new terms of use will not, by itself, cause the deletion of your account. However, the application notes that its policy on inactive accounts will apply.

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In other words, if you stop using WhatsApp for more than 120 days when the app has become unusable due to the restriction, WhatsApp will delete your account due to its inactivity – and with it all the data still on the WhatsApp servers such as your conversations, your photos and your videos.


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