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Disney, one of the world’s largest content producers, has filed a new patent for an anti-piracy system that would make it difficult to intercept movies before they hit theaters. Called “Blockchain Configuration for Secure Content Delivery”, the project aims to help solve one of the biggest problems in the distribution of original productions on the internet.

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As an entertainment company, piracy is one of the biggest obstacles Disney faces today. Often, movies and series are leaked on the internet and are distributed on unlicensed sites right after (and sometimes even before) their official releases.

For this reason, Disney has been working non-stop to combat piracy of its content in coalition with the Alliance for Creativity in Entertainment (ACE). To date, the company has helped bring down numerous piracy sites and platforms to ensure the exclusivity of its movie releases in theaters and its Disney + streaming service.

Patent prevents leaks before launch

However, the entertainment giant is trying to avoid the problem, in addition to fighting it daily. A recent patent proposes a media distribution system based on blockchain that aims to prevent leaks and piracy of content not yet released.

Entitled “Blockchain Configuration for Secure Content Delivery”, the patent focuses on cinema productions precisely because the process is more vulnerable, allowing people with the right connections to make copies during or after delivery of the finished content.

Even though there are already several security mechanisms in place to prevent the occurrence of leaks, Disney believes that this is not enough. Theaters have to follow strict rules, for example, and all films have a watermark, but piracy continues.

Blockchain prevents piracy before it happens

“Some security mechanisms are usually reactive, not preventive. For example, the watermark settings insert it into the content to track piracy after the leak has already occurred. As a result, current processes do not adequately prevent unauthorized disclosure ”, explained the company in the patent description.

Disney argues that by implementing a secure blockchain-based system, the distribution process can be more tightly controlled, making it impossible to show a movie before it is released. “In contrast to the previous mechanisms, the blockchain checks whether the content is received at the intended destination before allowing its reproduction,” says the patent.

In addition to this basic functionality, the system can also be configured for other anti-piracy features. For example, it can track the number of times a movie is played to prevent malicious actors from showing it more often than they should, identifying leaks in the process.

“The blockchain configuration has an automated auditing mechanism that tracks the playback of the content at the destination to ensure that the number of reproductions is recorded accurately. Therefore, piracy by the intended recipient, in the form of a greater number of actual reproductions than reported reproductions, is avoided. ‘

It is a patent, so the system is not yet in development and Disney is not even obliged to follow up on the idea. The project also would not solve the whole problem of piracy, but would rather prevent leaks before official launches. However, once the content reaches theaters or streaming platforms, it is much more difficult to control its copy and reproduction by third parties.

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