Disney Princesses: 10 Times We Wish to Live Like a

Have you ever wanted to live like Disney princesses? The magical world of Disney movies presents a multitude of possibilities. And in them, somehow, the princesses represent us, showing how courageous it is to face the challenges that life presents us and achieve our dreams — whether they are guided by passion, love or the desire to learn new things.

While there are obstacles in the way of all these journeys, there are several sublime moments in the studio’s productions that show how we would like to belong even more to this world. So here are some amazing situations that we would enjoy a lot if we were Disney princesses!

10. Merida’s reconciliation with Elinor

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When Pixar decided to make a movie with princesses, it decided to develop Merida’s relationship with her mother, Elinor. The two disagreed on just about everything, until an accident happened that turned the matriarch into a bear.

Willing to break the spell, Merida learned a valuable lesson. And the moment of reconciliation with your mother is very beautiful to watch, showing how our family ties can be strengthened even if there are points of disagreement.

9. Mulan and the Battle of the Huns

(Disney/Reproduction)(Disney/Reproduction)Source:  Disney

Even after being expelled from the army by Shang, Mulan decided she needed to warn him about the Huns. With great twists, persistence and courage, the character managed to articulate herself to face this threat. And when she was finally recognized for her achievements, the audience cheered intensely.

8. Jasmine and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

(Disney/Reproduction)(Disney/Reproduction)Source:  Disney

In Aladdin, the characters can live an exciting adventure aboard a magic carpet. Certainly, in our reality, this would be one of the great moments that we would like to have the opportunity to experience. And Jasmine managed to perform this action several times.

7. Rolled-up floating lanterns

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Rapunzel was trapped inside her tower for a long time. When he met Flynn, he ended up falling in love. Together, the two managed to see the floating lanterns while their feelings were still being built. All lovers would probably like to experience something similar, considering that the scene, in addition to being very beautiful, is extremely romantic and magical.

6. The great love of Pocahontas

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Adventurous and free-spirited, Pocahontas had big issues to work on internally. Even though she was proud of her people and her culture, she was open to getting to know many others. It was in this context that she fell in love with John, who showed her a new path on the horizon. And being able to be with the person you love is something wonderful.

5. The Fairy Godmother rescuing Cinderella

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Before Cinderella can even go to the ball, her family totally destroys her dress. To get around the situation, the Fairy Godmother arrives with a lot of magic and action. By saving the day, she gives Cinderella the opportunity to shine in a new dress, glass slippers and a stylish means of transportation. Who has never dreamed of something like that?

4. The meeting of a little mermaid

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When Ariel and Eric can have a ride together, they decide to be on a boat on the lagoon, enjoying the nature around them and each other’s company. With this romantic setting, the two almost kiss, but are interrupted. Such a real-life encounter would also be breathtaking for any fan of Disney movies.

3. Beauty dancing with the Beast

(Disney/Reproduction)(Disney/Reproduction)Source:  Disney

Many people have this scene as one of their life favorites. The film Beauty and the Beast manages to provoke different feelings in its audience, in order to captivate audiences with what is being shown. Despite all the conflicts, the characters can have a moment of relaxation and get emotional.

2. Dreams that come true

(Disney/Reproduction)(Disney/Reproduction)Source:  Disney

Tiana has been dreaming of building her own restaurant since she was a little girl. Because of this, she works hard and still finds adventure and love in her path, just after being turned into a frog and falling in love with Prince Naveen. After everything is resolved, she finally manages to make her dream come true, something the audience should also want.

1. Snow White dancing with the Seven Dwarfs

(Disney/Reproduction)(Disney/Reproduction)Source:  Disney

When Snow White was forced to flee into the forest, she ended up finding the Seven Dwarfs’ hut. Despite being responsible for all household chores around the house, the princess appears to be quite happy with her new family, singing and dancing with them all whenever possible. Have you ever thought how fun it would be to be able to live in a great musical?

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