Disney Channel: Channel ended broadcasting in Brazil? Check out!

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The news released last weekend that the Disney Channel cable TV channel has ended its activities in some countries in Asia has many people worried. Disney Junior and 16 other channels also ended up being closed in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong last Friday (1st).

The subject reverberated on social networks and users recalled that the channels had already closed in October last year in the UK. The end of the channel’s broadcasts that were part of the childhood of so many people with programs like Zapping Zone, Cory at the White House, Raven’s Visions and Zack & Cody: Twins in Action ended up causing the internet to go into “nostalgia mode”.

Even though nothing has been officially said about the end of the Disney Channel in Brazil yet, Brazilians decided to remember their best experiences with the channel:

Did Disney Channel close in Brazil?

After the news of the closure of Disney Channel in Asia, many people ended up understanding that the station was also closing its activities here. The fact, however, is that broadcasts continue to happen normally in Brazil, including the exhibition of attractions such as The Neighbors Green, camped e Go Away, Unicorn!

Even older series like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place e Zack & Cody: Gemini in Action continue to be displayed in the channel grid. In other words, so far there is no official information that Disney Channel ended broadcasting in Brazil.

Despite this, it is possible, yes, that the entertainment giant will close the channels here. This is because the company has globally adopted a strategy of migrating several of its audiovisual content to Disney+, the streaming platform that arrived in Brazil in November last year.

Disney had already announced that it would close 100 TV channels around the world to carry out its strategy of betting on streaming. One of the reasons for the change in strategy was the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, which made the audience migrate to digital channels, consequently causing the advertising budget to also be directed towards VOD (Video On Demand).

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